Passage: Path of Betrayal

2000 Dragon Works Interactive
Designed by Darris Hupp
*) the maze -- Very tough, unless you figure out the right-click to zip through
   text, which I think is undocumented. It's still pretty tough, but at least
   there's an auto-restore.

*) "closed" riddle -- Huh? The middle of nowhere is always open, even at night
   when no-one's about.
*) beehive -- Throwing water on it should just anger the bees, not drive them
   away. Fortunately, the narrow scope at that point makes it an obvious thing
   to try.
*) give clay to potter -- Reasonable in itself, but the inability to talk to
   the potter beforehand makes it seems like an unlikely thing to do.
*) being nice to get into jail -- You have no advance indication that things
   would work that way. It's forgivable, since it's a cute idea, but mostly
   because giving the guard the meat seems like an obvious bribe or

*) the maze -- Not really a maze, but a string of 3 or 4 four challenges
   with a difficult real-time component.