Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist

1993 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Josh Mandel, Al Lowe

Lots of "wide" time limits:
*) healing horse farts
*) stopping snails
*) putting out the fire
*) staunching your ear
*) not getting shot by Penelope
*) escaping the school cellar

A couple "soft" timed sequences:
*) catching Aces cheating
*) killing Kenny

Some arcade sequences (but you can set the difficulty level):
*) shooting practice
*) gunfight with the gang
*) swordfight with Penelope

*) getting bullets and cleaning kit -- Odd thing for a cop to do, even odder
   for a corrupt cop to care to give you something in return.
*) shootout with Aces -- Riccochet off the railing is both farfetched and not
   visually graspable.

*) defeating the rowdies (NO2) -- finding the shooting location
*) making the ear -- finding the metal was toughest