Riddle of the Sphinx

2000 Omni Creative Group
Designed by Jeffrey S. Tobler, Karen E. Tobler
Once you're past the robot, almost everything is too artificial to be relevant.

*) controlling the robot -- The problem here is that the timing is too real.
   It's not a gameplay issue,  just tedious.
*) Sobek's spinning statue -- Easy, repeatable.
*) alligator bridge -- Easy synchronisation challenge. Probably repeatable,
   but I never had to test it.
*) guard cobra -- Generous time, but you have to know what to expect and be
   prepared for it. Not sure if you can run away.
*) rising stone door (with lever from statue) -- Easy and repeatable. The hard
   part is realising that it is a real-time challenge, and not a puzzle.

*) opening Geoffreys' trunk -- Puzzle is okay, but I would have just smashed it.
*) digging the sacred scroll out of the desert -- You can't use the shovel
   that's there, not even your hands? It takes so long for the water to work...
*) tunnel robot -- Not a puzzle problem, but it takes a ridiculously long time
   for the robot to make its way. Games are supposed to be fun, not tediously
*) lotus throne elevator -- Not an abstract problem, but having to repeat
   carrying the sand six times is tedious.

*) opening Geoffreys' trunk -- Combines several clues.
*) star chart -- Combines several clues.
*) Sobek's spinning statue -- The clue is in plain sight, but it's hard to see
   that it is a clue.
*) eyes in boat room -- Combining several clues.
*) golden temple dials -- Combining several clues.