1998 Arxel Tribe / Anne Carrière Multimedia
Designed by Stephen Carrière
*) Alberich: tile sequencing
*) Alberich: egg chamber door
*) Loge: egg hatch -- a slider
*) Loge: sentence constructor
*) Loge: final rainbow bridge lock -- a tone matching
*) Siegmund: seven pillars
*) Brunnhilde: all the slain men -- What is she supposed to be doing? You can
   see the puzzles clear enough, but there's no association with the story or
   theme. Even the "summon the fire-bird" ones weren't clear in advance, since
   there was no indication of what you were supposed to do.
*) Brunnhilde: getting the counch -- inexplicable magic machine, with arbitrary
   controls, just fiddle until it does what you want
*) Brunnhilde: golden statue lock

*) Alberich: go to the egg room before aligning the tube -- sudden death, and
   you might have no idea, since you might not have even seen the arrangement
   control. It's just another direction to explore, except you die.
*) Alberich: I tried to use Loge's tear on the reservoir of water -- instead,
   Alberich jumped in. This is really an interface design problem.
*) Loge: the medallion battles -- How do you know which is supposed to defeat
   which? It's just pointless make-work the way it is.
*) Siegmund: the key from the corpse -- How does Siegmund see the key and the
*) Siegmund: the worms -- Why can't Siegmund just grab them?
*) Siegmund: building the golem -- Several of the associations seem arbitrary.
*) Siegmund: Sieglinde's appearance -- Why (storywise) won't she answer the
   door until you've got the wolf badge?

*) Loge: rainbow bridge tone-matching -- a very difficult matching, 42 notes
*) Alberich: making it through the Rhine doors -- Not really hard, and not
   clear until after you've done it, but there's a great idea for a challenge
   fighting to get out.
*) Loge: egg hatch combination -- Good clue.
*) Siegmund: the seven pillars -- good association-finding puzzle

Several times I did something and an object then appeared in my inventory, with
no indication to me that I had acquired anything.

In Brunnhilde: Who's Nemesis?