Ripley's Believe It or Not! The Riddle of Master Lu

1995 Sanctuary Woods
Designed by Lee Sheldon, François Robillard
*) peasant yells "thief!" in Peiping
*) getting out of the shed before it blows, on Easter Island
*) fighting the bad guys in the temple in Peiping

There is ample time to accomplish all timed tasks, but not enough to debate
the action in committee. A good use of time constraints in an adventure.

Questionable solutions:
*) using the periodic table in the jar
*) a cigar band can fool the monk? he must need glasses
*) the turtle/candle bit is stretching it: the turtle doesn't look big
   enough or fast enough to convincingly ring the bell

Also, how are you supposed to know the vines can't carry your weight?
These are relatively minor nits for most games, but they stand out here
because the rest is so well done.

Picking out the ace of spades is very difficult. I found it hard even after
I knew where it was. A patch supposedly fixes this. There are a few other
objects that are hard to discern: wheeled toy, charcoal, junkpile. The
perspective makes it hard to see that the log is near enough the god for the
pole to reach (on Easter Island).

The tools booth in Peiping was a good red herring.

The harder challenges:
*) solving the monks riddle at Sikkum: I don't think it's possible without
   a guess, but you can limit the field considerably
*) getting out of the cellar in Danzig
*) saving Twelvetrees
*) crossing the mercury in the tomb

The maze is another incredibly tedious bit. Why? They even admit it!