1997 Dreamforge Intertainment
Designed by Mike Nicholson; Chad Freeman, Jason Johnson, Eric Rainer Rice, Tracy B. Smith

Irrelvant puzzles:
*) water pipe puzzle -- plumbing by Escher, contrived
*) laboratory gate -- door-lock by Rubik
*) inner lab lock -- he can't remember such a simple code, yet he keeps it
   on a chalkboard?
*) insect furnace control -- decent puzzle, but too contrived for it's
*) elevator lock -- a tone matching puzzle, cliche and contrived
*) morgue door -- yet another Rubik design; why is the door so complicated? and
   why are its guts so accessible? why does it lock at all?
*) naming the warriors -- not too bad, but it's odd that a rite depends on the
   changing, contemporary makeup of the tribe's warriors; it would have been
   better if they were supposed to be ancient, legendary warriors
*) pumpkin melody -- yet another tone-matching puzzle
*) gauntlet coloured teeth -- follow-the-leader with tones isn't enough, let's
   do it again with colours
*) final puzzle

NOT irrelevant:
*) the maze -- an out and out puzzle, but since it constitutes and entire
   game segment it only has to fit into the psychology of the framing story:
   dreaming of being trapped in a maze fits quite well

*) pumpkin patch -- minor and fair: if you die, you are restarted; furthermore,
   your progress is retained; the final battle is won by thinking about the
   opponent, and requires little in the way of speed or dexterity -- a good use
   of an action puzzle in an adventure
*) squid monster -- minor and fair, but dull and pointless
*) the maze -- very minor, and fair, and a decent way to implement a one-way
   passage in the maze
*) final black goop puzzle -- minor and fair, more of a pattern visualisation
   problem than a time constraint problem

*) setting the Aztec calendar at the morgue
*) getting the U-pipe at the morgue -- literally breaking out of the box

*) The changing of bodies in the gauntlet section is a nice idea.
*) Three sequence matching puzzles: two with tones, one with colours.
*) The wailing corpses in the gauntlet is the same puzzle as the gongs in the
   Aztec temple.