2001 LK Avalon
Designed by Roland Pantola, Danuta Sienkowska, Lutiasz Pisarek, Robert Ozog, Terry Dowling; Maciej Miasik
*) spitting "tulips" -- What are these things supposed to be? What purpose
   would they serve to their creators?
*) "hair" bridge on island-ship -- Unrealistic interface (for the people of the
   world). I.e., Rubik controls.
*) inflating the airship -- More Rubik controls.
*) raising the train bridge -- Beyond any excuse for mimesis.

*) prayer wheels -- An aural challenge, not timed. It's difficult to make out
   the individual words. Fortunately, you don't have to, you only have to be
   able to distinguish them.

*) tower heights -- The physical setup of the device is wrong. There should
   be a fixed eyepiece. Also, the clue for the distance to the "marker" is
   dodgy, looking like a scale for measurement rather than a measurement
*) native-man cutscene near the "bees" -- The picture of the bee in the temple
   seems to be the only clue that you should head back to this area. You don't
   have any positive reason to due so, but you'll be stuck if you don't.
*) tenth "pearl" -- If the characters aren't in "phase" with each other, how
   can they both be in "phase" with world objects? Mostly, though, elevators
   (etc.) never seem to stay put before, just now, when needed by the puzzle.
*) light code -- "Negative of a negative". Reversal isn't a negative.
*) teleportation houses -- Why doesn't the central house count as a house?
   Working out the movement chart is tedious.
*) locked door code (from near prison cell) -- The correct solution is under-
   specified. There are many reasonable interpretations of the clues leading
   to failure. It becomes trial and error over the many possibilities.

*) inflating the airship -- Underneath it all, a clever mathematical puzzle.
*) coordinate updating -- Inspiration required to realise that you need it in
   the first place, and then a fair bit of perspiration to work out the
*) tenth "pearl" -- Cleverly hidden, and requiring character synchronisation.
*) "ossa" and "dissa" -- It has been a long time since you heard those!

*) return to Santo -- Nice that you have to keep your word.