1995 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Marcia Bales
You have to capture the Ixupi with a vessel before they swipe some of your
life. Very minor.

*) the pin-ball puzzle in the puzzle room
*) the Chinese checker puzzle (why is it called that?)
*) the alchemy machine puzzle
*) the door puzzle in the room of the gods

These are complicated puzzles. They're not difficult in a conceptual way, but
in their degree of complexity. You might consider them more tedious than

The adventure aspect of the game is the exploration of the museum. You must
be observant and thorough. The clues are usually fairly obvious.

I found it very tedious, wandering back and forth along long routes through
previously explored parts of the museum. This almost certainly wouldn't be
so bad on a faster system: I'm on a 486-50 2xCD; I recommend at least a P-90
4xCD (the CD load times were constantly noticeable).