Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls

1997 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Marcia Bales
*) finding the matching bahos symbols in the caves -- painfully tedious
	-- just save before entering, find the symbol, restore
*) the jail card-swap challenge -- good use, not too demanding
*) end game light beam puzzle -- cheap way to make it difficult
*) end game decisions -- good use, easy, but you have to decide

The challenges are deductive, thank to the clues in the videos, but there's
still a bit of silliness in the access. Sometimes you inexplicably can't do
things until you've first done some unrelated thing.
*) can't raise the car until the chess puzzle is solved
*) key to Max's cave shows up after you guess the enemy
Some other things I couldn't reason out:
*) putting the gum on the little red light on the TVs makes them safe to use
	- I didn't find any indication that gum has this property
	- Why should gum have this property, and just using your finger doesn't?

The adventure game aspect is pretty pedestrian, but there are several difficult
logic puzzles dropped in:
*) light beam/crystal puzzle -- an easy puzzle made difficult by adding a
	time limit
*) warehouse marble puzzle -- interesting, but tedious
*) barbershop spider maze -- a nice twist on mazes