Simon the Sorcerer II: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe

1995 Adventure Soft
Designed by Simon Woodroffe
All timed bits are cyclic, non-fatal synchronisation bits, with generous
constraints. I.e., you wait for a repeating event, then click when it happens.
All are negligible.

*) Goldilocks' bobbing head
*) load shark's in-box
*) pick up joke book
*) give hanky to elf -- (not sure if this even is timed)

*) turn off the tap to advance plot -- Why would Simon bother? Not bad because
   of the standard adventury "because it's there" philosophy.
*) sending anorak guy to tattoo parlour -- No reason to do so. Not bad because
   the two do go together.
*) getting to the tower via balloons -- Completely arbitrary, no redeeming
*) pick up the fierce dog -- Given Simon's comments about it, this is too
*) limbo distraction -- A bit of a stretch, but amusing enough to warrant it.
*) hush puppies -- Arbitrary and silly, I doubt anybody would get this except
   by systematic flailing about. But it's funny after the fact.
*) screwdriver to get hand -- Huh? Narrow scope makes it easy, though.

*) glow worms -- a nice step backwards to go forward
*) breaking into the 3 bears' house -- clever indirect approach
*) pushing the pirate overboard -- Alexandrian
*) catching the cat -- the result is unexpectable, but it's a reasonable thing
   to do (close the door)
*) elf perfume -- a bit silly, maybe, but it makes a cartoony sense