Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter

1987 Sierra On-Line
Designed by Mark Crow, Scott Murphy
Too many to list in the VGA version, it's a primitive action-adventure with
all the running about.
EGA version:
*) escaping the Arcada -- overall time constraint, not onerous
*) engaging autonav -- another long fuse, not really noticeable
*) skimmer journey -- all-out arcade challenge
*) getting through the airlock -- minor
*) getting grenade -- easy if speed is slow, impossible if speed is very fast
*) shooting guards -- light arcade, time-wise, but no coordination needed

Long dead ends:
*) don't get cartridge -- okay, it's obvious that you should try
*) don't read cartridge -- not so obvious, you just later find yourself without
   a code and unable to get it
*) don't drink lots of beer -- no apparent reason to do so, but you miss vital
   information if you don't (the VGA version corrects this)
*) take the first skimmer deal -- how are you supposed to know he will offer
   a jetpack later? or even that you will need one? and once you know you will
   need one, how could you have any idea of where it should come from?
Sudden death (or dead end): all over, but especially:
*) play the cartridge in the Arcada machine
*) explore in the wrong directions after the pod crash
*) that dripping stuff is acid -- well, it's green/purple
*) [EGA] leave key in skimmer
*) buy the wrong spaceship
*) buy the wrong droid
*) shoot the Star Generator guard
General stupidity:
*) [EGA] winning the money -- requires cheating (using save/restore)
*) killing the orat -- two good solutions
*) crossing the grate -- different solutions for the two versions, but both are
   clever (or cleverly non-clever)
*) [EGA] searching pockets of your Sarien uniform -- obvious thing to do, in
   hindsight, but it might be too obvious for some people