Stupid Invaders

2000 Xilam
Designed by Nicolas Gallet, Thomas Szabo, Sébastien Hamon
*) simon-says pattern game -- Why? Maybe it's a joke I didn't get.
*) hedge maze -- Clearly a meta-game joke. Still tedious to work through, and
   the long snail cutscene is obscene.

*) toaster -- This is evil. There has never been any time pressure in the game,
   and you suddenly find yourself under intense time pressure, killing you and
   forcing you to restore the game. It isn't a difficult challenge, even with
   the time, but it comes immediately after a cutscene.

*) mousetrap in cellar -- Sudden death for using the door.
*) pantyhouse on closet -- You know he's there by a magic cutscene.
*) getting the hammer -- Resurrection required.
*) getting cow -- Why do I have to get a cow? There's shit everywhere.
*) chef -- Sudden death for talking to him.
*) mechanic -- Sudden death for talking to him.
*) Candy distracts robot -- It just happened, before I even met the robot.
   A synchronisation error in the design.
*) bungie jump into hangar -- Resurrection required.

*) teleporter booths -- This isn't too bad for math geeks and puzzle fans,
   since the Fibonacci sequence is so familiar, but it could be very difficult
   for others.

*) Three mazes! And none are remotely interesting.