1997 Istvan Pely Productions
Designed by Istvan Pely, Sherban Young
*) increasing your credit balance -- the idea is good, but there should be
   something more visual than just madly clicking over the whole area until you
   find the spot that increases your balance; e.g., coloured conduits
*) going through utility room in the Facility -- sudden death syndrome: if you
   find the secret panel and go through it before sending the other patrol drone
   to recharge, you are killed, with no warning, and not even knowing about the
   other drone; at least you're automatically restored
*) getting the pipe in the utility room -- not difficult, but there's nothing
   to distinguish that pipe from the others, so it's really a case of pixel
   hunting -- this also applies to getting the pipe at Plasfo station
*) "repacking" in SYNSYM -- sudden death syndrome, but autorestore; this is not
   too bad, since you come in masquerading as a crate, so repacking sounds like
   it might be rough

*) crashing the computer -- good backhanded solution
*) secret lab password -- either blindingly obvious or devilishly subtle


Some plots holes and gratuitous devices:
*) Your SYM computes the dog ships destination from their trajectory as they
   leave the station. They can't turn once they clear the station? Aren't they
   going to go into a wormhole anyway?
*) SYMs are new, but the doors seem to need you to have one to open them.
*) Why is it called SYNSYM, when it's first product was a computer? The SYMs
   didn't come until later.

Gameplay bug:
To get through one DNA scanner, you have to A) find out that you need a DNA
sample, B) learn who Miller is, and C) identify some DNA as Miller's. You can't
do these things in any order, even though it makes sense to so do. You must do
C after you have done A and B. I.e., you have to repeat C if you do it before
either of A or B.