Under a Killing Moon

1994 Access Software
Designed by (null)
*) running away from the security robot at G.R.S.
*) ferrellette game (roulette-like follow-the-ball challenge)

I found the security robot very annoying. It's bad enough that you must
continually "do something, hide until sweep, repeat", but each security
sweep takes over a minute -- very tedious.

The ferrellette chalenge was not directly doable on my machine: the animation
as the balls speeded up was jumpy. This reduced the challenge to a maze. A
pentium might make it interesting.

*) the rake in the pile of leaves -- you sure wouldn't plan this, nor expect
   it to be effective
*) the stasis reversal: it's really just a maze, where you lose if you make
   a wrong turn

The solutions are generally easy, but you must explore thoroughly.
The real-time challenges can be difficult.

Some of the more difficult step-time challenges:
*) finding several objects: you must proceed slowly and look from many angles
   since the pixellation during movement can hide some important objects
   (probably not so much of a problem on a powerful processor)
*) talking to Lois

I often found the discussion trees confusing: the conversation tone suggestions
often resulted in something very different from what I expected them to mean,
and some I found completely opaque.

Even in something as pedestrian as this, I found myself having to periodically
take a break to avoid motion sickness!