Timelapse: Ancient Civilisations

1996 GTE Entertainment
Designed by Ed Deren, Lori Nichols; Richard Moran, Sal Parascandolo
*) killing the crocodile -- minor, it doesn't kill back
*) moving gems in the snakes & ladders like game
*) moving the spider through the maze -- minor
*) defeating the Guardian -- tough until you know exactly what to do
*) defeating the Guardian part 2: shooting it -- minor

Many drop-in games and dressed up abstract puzzles (like the gun lock and the

Deductive Except for a few explicit trial and error puzzles. None are silly.

There are several good and/or hard puzzles:
*) trapping the Guardian -- hard, the hidden time constraint makes it
	impossible to do the first time
*) Egyptian god/animal/number on pillars -- especially the adjustment
*) the lizard on the diamond (double pyramid) -- tough to see the clue
*) the unlocking mechanism for the Mayan temples -- good, not that hard
*) Anasazi leaves in sand -- good aha! puzzle
*) the gun lock -- good abstract puzzle

Some terrible challenges:
*) snakes & ladders like game
*) paper-scissors-rock like game
*) silly slider
*) tedious aiming arrow challenge
*) spider maze
*) optional animal tracks puzzle -- incredibly tedious (or I missed a clue)