The Longest Journey

1999 Funcom
Designed by Ragnar Tørnquist, Didrik Tollefsen
*) getting past the police station clerk -- minor, repeatable
*) hourglass in the alchemist tower stair maze -- gotta be quick here, but
   it's not complicated and it is repeatable
*) colony station security guard -- simple and repeatable, but you can't dally

*) feeding the bird -- why would throwing seed at the *bird* lead to the
   rubber ducky getting pecked? not a silly result, but unexpectable
*) fishing with the pincers -- the duck would be the wrong size to actually
   do this
*) switching glass eyes -- the toy monkey's is the same size?
*) shorting the guards suit -- it never rains?

*) getting into the theatre -- leaning towards unreasonable, but there are
   some good clues, and it's a fun idea
*) fishing for the key -- good idea, although the execution is slightly off
*) the cup game -- clever eureka! challenge
*) underwater altar -- interesting rationale to figure out
*) talking head poles -- good machine puzzle, complicated enough to be engaging,
   but not so big so as to be tedious