1986 Infocom
Designed by Brian Moriarty
*) sudden death entering the barrow -- at least it looks ominous
*) crossing chasm on tree -- death if you pick the wrong direction
*) cooling magnet -- I could only get the icicles once, so you need
   resurrection to figure out that it won't last, and then to figure out
   how to make it last
*) dead end getting lemming -- it looks like you only get one chance at it,
   but at least you'll know you missed, you just won't know that you could
   get it nor that you won't be abe to get it later
*) sudden death entering the space locale
*) long dead end entering space without magnet -- you don't know you'll need
   it there until you've been there
*) getting honey -- after getting stung the first time, why would you stick
   your hand in again?
*) commanding dolphin -- why would I expect the dolphin to understand or be
   cooperative? maybe there are cold war stories about this...
*) getting binoculars -- multi-resurrection required to discover all the things
   that will go wrong
*) distracting the blockhouse -- resurrection required to know that it's
*) getting key at base -- might be a dead end here, if you don't get the key
   in the time window (maybe the scene repeats?)

*) unscrewing gnomon -- hard to "see" that you could
*) riding bubble -- good lateral solution, following the Wabe's surrealism
*) getting past snake -- basic idea is easy, but tough to piece together the
   exact sequence that will work in time (because of the interface)

*) trapping skink -- nice adaptive challenge, observing and deducing
*) commanding roadrunner -- it has been friendly, and the dolphin precedent