Zork: Grand Inquisitor

1997 Activision
Designed by Margaret Stohl, Matthew Harding; Laird M. Malamed
There are a few borderline irrelevant challenges, but they're clearly thrown in
as such for humourous effect.
*) the lottery ticket game
*) Alpine's Quandry -- which ends up with a relevant "lateral" solution

There are lots of minor real-time instances, but all are obvious and fair.
No quick clicking is required, and no quick thinking -- you should have your
plan ready before triggering the clock. Several are dangerous if you miss the
*) getting the can of mead
*) hiding in the barrel
*) planting the Zork Rocks explosive
*) splitting the quelbee hive
*) getting past the Hades monster in disguise
*) hitching a ride back with Charon in diguise
*) binding the energies on the tower

There are some challenges that use a cartoony logic, and are a bit silly.
*) getting the coconut out of the dragon -- too Goldberg, even for Zork
*) Alpine's Quandry -- cartoony solution, but there are few options to try
Both will eventually succumb to trial and error.

Mostly easy, but there are a several challenges that require "aha!" insights,
and any of these could stump you for a while.
*) getting the coconut out of the dragon -- trial and error perseveranvce
*) winning Alpine's Quandry -- aha!
*) freeing Jack from prison -- good detecting
*) getting past the Hades monster -- aha!
*) blowing the dam -- aha!