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Micro/minicar - typically a small vehicle with less than 850 cc engine displacement or fewer than 4cylinders or fewer than 4 road wheels

Micro North '98 information soon - Watch this space!

Micro North in association with Micro Nationals '96

Micro North '97 in Medonte

The 1997 Microcar & Minicar Club National Meet Info page

This year the Nationals were in the Chicago area July 11-13th. Jim Janecek has all the information you could ever need. Hope you walked, drove or flew in to Elgin Illinois!

Next year the Nationals are in Denver Colorado. I'll have links and/or info here soon. Being a mile high will everyone have to adjust their carbs?

1997 UK National Microcar Rally

Mark Perkins has some pics from this annual event in Britain. Check out some of his other pages on Isettas if you have not been there before.

Pictured above is a Saab wagon at the Tralee Car show in August of 1997 - In response to an e-mail I have received

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