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Last updated: 2000.6.12

Happy Family Restaurant
16 College Street, Kitchener. 571-1628
Non-visit report: May 30, 1999.

Sometimes appearances do count. David viewed the restaurant, and decided not to take any chances on their food. So the group visited another more inviting restaurant.

The Horseshoe Dining Lounge
17 Erb Street East, Waterloo.
Unable to visit: Friday, July 23, 1999.

November/2000 update: Restaurant Amadeus has opened at this location.

The Horseshoe is kaput. Yet another Waterloo institution along the lines of the Harmony Lunch and the Gaslight, the Horseshoe hasn't been quite the same since Horseshoe Louie himself departed a few years ago. My last few experiences there were fair to middling at best, so I'm not sure that we missed anything.

Harmony Lunch
90 King Street North, Waterloo. 886-4721.
Visited: 5:30pm, Thursday, June 3, 1999.

What can I say about an institution? The Harmony Lunch has been flipping burgers since roughly the Bronze Age. There's something satisfyingly primeval about seeing that mound of burgers and onions that just about covers the massive cast-iron grill behind the counter. Many restaurants now promote themselves as diners with open kitchens, but the Harmony Lunch is the real thing. The Harmony Lunch (and the Checkerboard) has well-worn wooden floors, round stools at the counter, minimal decoration on the walls (no nostalgic odds and ends cluttering up the place here!), and a simple menu. You probably could travel back in time to 1959 and, other than the prices, see no difference at all.
The Harmony Lunch is certainly one of the cheaper places around. Even ordering a hot beef dinner and a milkshake you would be hard pressed to push your total bill over $10.00. Service is quick. It seemed as though we had just ordered when the food arrived. The food itself? Well, it's tasty and filling, but I've found the quality a bit uneven over the years. Never bad, but never stunning, either. Still, how can you argue with an institution?

Homestyle Diner
462 Albert Street, Waterloo. 725-5048
Visited: 6pm, Friday, June 25, 1999.

I had their fish & chips dinner (for $11 with taxes & tip). Enjoyable. They had a number of fresh desserts (most of which had sold out by the time we'd gotten around to considering them.
The menu does cater to seniors with smaller portions being offered. And there were a fair number of seniors present.
Quite good overall.

Hollywood Diner
103 King Street West, Kitchener. 576-4044
Visited: 6pm, Friday, July 2, 1999.

The Hollywood Diner is a Harmony Lunch wannabe, in that it attempts to invoke the feel of a fifties diner. I've seen worse attempts, but it doesn't hold a candle to the truly authentic. Having said that, dinner was a pleasant experience. Their French onion soup was in the top half in the area, being neither too salty nor too bland. The prices were a bit higher than the Harmony Lunch -- which is true of pretty well everywhere except maybe the Dixie Lilly Bar, Restaurant, and Laundromat. The service was friendly and quick, and the milkshakes were not too bad.

I had their fish & chip special, with soup and pop. With taxes & tip that was about $9. Nothing terribly good or bad about the meal.

Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant
700 Strasbourg Road (Forest Glen Plaza), Kitchener. 743-2900
Visited: Sunday, July 11, 1999.

The five of us (Annette, David, Nora, Johnathan and myself) split a meal of hot & sour soup (very hot, but not very sour), spring roll (very good), egg roll (average), sizzling mushrooms (very good), rice w/hints of other stuff (good), beef with noodle dish (a spicy, delayed kind of hot), sizzling squid (I found it to be slightly overcooked, rubbery; but the other squid lovers disagreed with my assessment). Cost was in the $10 range.
This is a smaller restaurant with only 2 big tables and a bunch of small ones. The decor is rather bland 1970's restaurant style.
Overall, good food. If you're in the southwest part of Kitchener, this is certainly a restaurant to check out.

The Huether Hotel Lion Brewery & Museum
59 King Street North (at Princess), Waterloo. 886-3350
Visited: 6pm, Friday, July 30, 1999.


Island Pride
1780 King Street East (at Montgomery), Kitchener.
Visited: Friday, August 13, 1999, 7pm.

Spring/2000: Out of business. Replaced by Cuscajamai Restaurant.

Nora: "Excellent!"

Annette: "Awesome!"

David: "Pretty good."

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