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Last updated: 2000.9.13

Kam Yin Restaurant
450 Erb Street West, Waterloo, 746-1903.
Visited: Thursday, December 9, 1999, 7pm.
Tasted by: Dennis, Nora, Annette, David.


Kennedy's Country Tavern
62 Erb Road West, St Agatha, 747-1313.
Visited: Thursday, February 10, 2000. 7:00pm
Tasted by: Dennis, Kathryn, Nora, Annette, David.

It was a miserable night for driving, but Kennedy's was about two thirds full. Making the trip out were Dennis, Nora, Annette, David and our newest member Kathryn. The place was comfortable. The noise level made for easy conversation. The TV sets were inconspicuous.
There are a number of chalkboards listing the daily specials. For example, soup of the day was "spinach with wild rice". Prices in the printed menu ranged from sandwiches in the $3-7 range, all the way up to the rolled rib dinner, which at $12.95 was the most expensive.
Nora had the cajun catfish and rated it as "very good".
I had the 2 piece fish (cod) and chips for $8.95. This came with fresh cut french fries, a good coleslaw, a not-too-bad vegetable of the day: turnip (turnip is not my favourite vegetable and has to be properly jazzed up to grab my attention) and soggy battered fish. One thumb down.
Annette had the barbequed ribs and found them dry in spots. David thought his rolled ribs were okay; and Kathyrn found her ribs to be "dry with not enough meat".
Total cost for the 5 of us was $104 with tax and tip (range $13-27).
I've mixed feelings about Kennedy's. I enjoyed myself, but the food was a rather mixed blessing. If you do decide to go to Kennedy's you'll probably have best luck with their daily specials.

Kim King Restaurant

Tasted by: .


King Street Trio Restaurant Bar
238 King Street West (near City Hall), Kitchener
Visited: Friday, February 18, 2000, 7:00pm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tasted by: Debra, Dennis, Kathryn, Miranda, Gina?, DB mom, DB dad, David, Annette, Isobel, Nora, Michael.

March/2000 update: Rent problems caused them to move and change their name to King Street Trio on University.

Twelve people showed up at this jazzy (live jazz Friday and Saturday evenings) restaurant. Eleven were very satisfied with the results. Emphasis on beef and seafood. Average cost was in the $20-30 range.
Overall: thumbs up.

King Street Trio on University
University near Weber (next to Sunoco station), Waterloo, 884-1507.
Visited: Wednesday, May 3, 7pm.
Tasted by: Annette, David, Michael, Nora, Kathryn, Bryan, Gina, Dennis.

Decor is somewhat nicer than the old location on King Street. They still have live jazz on Friday & Saturday nights. The menu hasn't changed (in fact it's the identical menu with a sticker added in a strategic location).
Kathryn had to send her steak back to be cooked a little less (received medium, wanted rare). Annette & David found their vegetables to be a bit overdone.
I had the ribeye steak with mushroom sauce (choice of 3 sauces), small red potatoes with garlic (several other choices available), mixed fruit (other choice was mixed vegetables), ($19.95). Excellent. I do recommend the fruit over the vegetables.
For the 8 of us the meal was $202 before tip. Everyone (eventually) enjoyed their meals.
Qualified recommendation, especially if you like jazz (Friday & Saturday evenings), because the meal quality, while very good, didn't quite match the price.

King Tin Seafood Restaurant
258 King Street North, Waterloo. 885-4716
Visited: Friday, July 23, 1999 (old location)
Second visit: Saturday, February 5, 2000 (new location)

The first visit was an average meal, which was a bit of a disappointment (since most of the YPDC regulars are fans of the King Tin and expected better).
King Tin moved from 38 King Street, at the end of 1999 and reopened at their new location in January of 2000. So the powers that be, decided on a second visit.

Dennis: (Feb/2000)
For the Chinese New Year's, King Tin offers you a choice of 3 different meal styles ($138/$168/$288) based around a table size of 10. Since we only had 8 people coming instead of 10, David deleted 2 items from the middle menu ($168/10) to compensate (Love bird fried rice and Stuffed crab claws with shrimp, in case you're curious).
We arrived for a 7pm start time, but didn't actually get served food until 40-50 minutes later. Acceptable, considering how busy they were. Dishes arrived in a more or less steady flow over the next 2 hours.
We started off with (1) hot and sour soup. Rather bland by King Tin standards; you could still feel your lips after you'd eaten it. However, since everyone was famished at that point, it was very much appreciated.
(2) Sliced pickerel fish with meat & vegetables. The fish was quite tasty. David insisted that the fish cheeks were the best part (yes, the head was included).
(3) Peking duck. This consisted of flat dough wrappers in which you placed your choice of fresh onion, marinated carrots & cabbage shreds, sauce, and duck meat with crispy skin. You then rolled your creation up (like a taco) and ate it. Excellent (although some of the duck pieces had a bit too much fat; fairly easy to remove).
(4) Baked lobster with ginger & onion sauce. This came complete with the heads of the 2 lobsters that made up the dish. Quite well received. Tanis, who'd never tried this dish before added it to her list of favourites.
(5) Deep fried chicken. What can I say, a complete cut up chicken (with head, of course), complemented with shrimp/prawn chips. The chips are kind of addictive.
(6) Jumbo shrimp with mixed vegetables. Quite tasty, but I'd call them medium size shrimp (if that's not a contradiction in words).
(7) Chinese broccoli with scallops. The scallops were huge and enjoyed by the scallop fans.
(8) Cantonese chow mein. This was the last of the main dishes and suffered from the fact the most of us were stuffed at this point. It was quite good except for the squid pieces which were overcooked (and thus a bit rubbery).
(9) Dessert was a selection from an assortment of candied fruits and nuts. The melon piece I had was rather flavourful. Our hostess insisted that Annette take the item recommended as the best thing for a Dragon boy.
Our group (Tanis, Darlene, Rick, Jonathan, Nora, Annette, David and Dennis) was not disappointed with the meal. Good value for the money ($23 per person with tax & tip). It was an excellent way to start the Year of the Dragon.

King Wok Chinese Food Restaurant
Unit G, 100 Victoria Street North (at Weber), Kitchener, 570-0808.
Visited: Friday, January 14, 2000, 6:00pm.
Tasted by: Jonathan, Annette, Nora, Gina, Dennis.

This is another "knife and fork" Chinese restaurant (chopsticks are available on request). Some of the menu items which caught our attention (but which we skipped ordering) were: Vancouver ribs, chicken sticks, and bacon fried rice.
Service was good. Food was enjoyable but not spectacular. Nora's opinion of her hot & sour soup was favourable: "heat to it, but you can taste the sour and the underlying soup stock". The egg roll I had was crispy, not greasy, and stuffed. Some other food items (the carrots in particular) were a little too finely chopped for easy eating with chopsticks.
Cost per person was $12 with tax and tip. The overall opinion was that it would be worth returning on another occasion to check out the spicier stuff.

Kingsbridge Crossing
77 King Street North (at Bridgeport), Waterloo, 883-1130.
Visited: Thursday, November 4, 7-8:30pm.
Tasted by: David, Nora, Gina, Dennis.

The decor is turn of the 20th century (1890's-1910's). The fake tiffany lamps were the only odd note.
Nora had the leek soup (crunchy leeks, good) and salad dish for the main course (she thought it needed olives). Gina had a salad (average) to start. Gina, David & myself had the Thursday night special of all-you-can-eat Scottish Short Ribs ($9.99).
The well cooked ribs (no fingers required) were in a sweet sauce (detectable but not over powering) with a generous amount of mashed potatoes (firm texture, delicious) and mixed vegetables (somewhat bland cauliflower, broccoli and zucchini). Sufficient quantities that no one was tempted to try a second helping.
Overall, a pleasant meal. Cost for the 4 of us was $68 with tax and tip.

Koh-I-Noor Restaurant
Unit 2, 465 Phillip Street, Waterloo, 888-0455.
Visited: Friday, January 21, 2000, 6pm.
Tasted by: Annette, David, Nora, Jonathan.

: Unreviewed.
"Indian cuisine. Curry, tandoori and vegetarian dishes our specialty."

Forest Glen Plaza, 700 Strasburg Road (at Block Line), Kitchener, 578-4040.
Visited: Thursday, March 2, 2000. 7:00pm
Tasted by: .


Krebs Restaurant
130 King South, Waterloo, 886-2550
Visited: Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 7pm.
Tasted by: .


Kuang-Fai Chinese Restaurant

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Kypreos Restaurant

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