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A Guide to Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy
Guide de la science-fiction et du fantastique canadiens

This guide lists works and candidates eligible to be nominated for the 1999 Aurora Awards. Send any additions or corrections to / Ce guide dresse la liste des oeuvres et candidats admissibles pour les Prix Aurora 1999. Pour ajouter ou changer quelque chose, écrire à l'adresse

The members on this year's Aurora Awards subcommittee are / Les membres du sous-comité des Prix Aurora pour 1999 sont: W. Paul Valcour (chair), Brian A. Davis, Dennis Mullin & Ruth Stuart.
Members of the Aurora Awards subcommittee are not eligible for any of the awards. / Les membres du sous-comité des Prix Aurora ne sont admissibles dans aucune de ces catégories.

Special thanks for assistance in preparing this guide goes to / Tous nos remerciements pour leur aide à: Mici Gold, Peter Halasz, Claude Janelle, Rob Sawyer, Jean-Louis Trudel, et al.
As well, thanks to those maintaining the following web sites / De plus, nous désirons remercier ceux qui assurent la mise à jour des sites suivants:
The National SF & Fantasy Society / La Société Nationale de la S-F et du Fantastique,
Locus Index,
Amazon Books,
Pole Stars.

Date in brackets after the category indicates the last time the information has been updated. -dennis


Best Long-Form Work in English / Meilleur livre en anglais
For best work of Science Fiction or Fantasy in a novel or fiction collection by a Canadian writer, published in 1997 or 1998.


Meilleur livre en français / Best Long-Form Work in French
Dans la catégorie du meilleur roman ou recueil de fiction publié, écrit par un(e) écrivain(e) canadien(ne) et sorti au Canada en 1997 ou 1998, qui relève de la science-fiction ou du fantastique.


Best Short-Form Work in English / Meilleure nouvelle en anglais
For a Science Fiction or Fantasy novella, novelette, short story or poem by a Canadian writer, in English, released in Canada in 1998.

Additional material (July 12/99):

Note 1: Get Writing '98 has a full title of Get Writing '98: An Anthology of Writing by Canadian Children and was published by Prentice Hall Ginn.
Note 2: Arrowdreams is considered an 1998 anthology.
Note 3: Tesseracts 7 is considered a 1999 anthology. Stories are eligible next year.
Note 4: Northern Fusions & Storyteller are considered to be Canadian semi-pro publication for the purpose of the Aurora Awards. Stories in these magazines are not considered eligible this year. The stories may be eligible when they are published next (first pro publication, available in Canada).
Note 5: Starting with issue 3, Challenging Destiny is considered to be a pro magazine. Issues 1 & 2 are treated as semi-pro; stories in those issues are not considered eligible. The stories may be eligible when they are published next (first pro publication, available in Canada).
Note 6: Stories in Horrors! 365 Scary Stories (published by Barnes & Noble, 1998) are not eligible, since this anthology is not available in Canada. The stories may be eligible when they are published next (first pro publication, available in Canada).