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These are some of the minutes for past Canvention Business Meetings. If you have minutes which aren't here, please contact with the details.


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1989 Canvention Business Meeting


1990 Canvention Business Meeting


1991 Canvention Business Meeting


1992 Canvention Business Meeting

Held in 3 sessions, June 27-28, 1992 in Waterloo, Ontario at Canvention 12 (Wilfcon 8).

Chaired by Dennis Mullin. Recording Secretary was W.Paul Valcour.

No minutes exist, because the secretary misplaced his notes. However, I did discover a summary that was published in the Sept/92 issue of Canvention Newsletter.

The meeting stretched over 3 sessions, with discussion of who would host Canvention in 1993 & 1994 taking up the greatest chunk of time. A majority felt that Conadian (the 52nd World SF Con, being held in Winnipeg in 1994) should have the opportunity to bid for the 1994 Canvention. A bid from Winnipeg's Keycon for the 1993 Canvention was rejected by a vote of 3 to 2 (everyone else abstained). The main reason given for voting against was that Winnipeg shouldn't host Canvention 2 years in a row (assuming that Conadian hosts the 1994 Canvention). After some discussion bidding for the 1993 Canvention was opened to any Canadian con or group, with a deadline of August 15th for bid submissions. Dennis Mullin was given the authority to decide the winning bid.

Franklyn Johnson's award design was accepted as the official design for the award. This snazzy design was used last year & this year.

The Merril Collection of SF, Fantasy & Speculation [in Toronto] was made an official repository of the CSFFA for Canvention Business Meeting minutes & documentation relating to the Aurora Award process.

The English & French "other" categories were modified to include "poetry" and "translator". [This motion was from 1991 and approval at this business meeting made it official.]

All attempts to add new categories or delete current ones were either defeated or ignored.

A motion was put forward to increase the Canvention bid selection process to 2 years in advance from 1 year. This would give Canvention hosts more time to prepare.

A Guideline Subcommittee was set up with a mandate to research and produce written guidelines for the administration procedures and criteria associated with the Aurora Awards.


1995 Canvention Business Meeting

Held Saturday, May 13, 1995 in Ottawa, Ontario at Canvention 15 (Can-Con'95).

Present: Joe Casey, Brian Davis, Cath Jackel, John Mansfield, Dennis Mullin (recording secretary), Robert Runté, Jean-Louis Trudel, Paul Valcour (chair).

Previous Minutes: A summary of what happened at the 1994 Canvention business meeting was presented by Dennis Mullin.

Old Business:

(1) A motion to replace the term "landed immigrant" with "permanent resident" in the constitution was passed forward from the 1994 business meeting. This change is to bring the constitution in line with Canadian government descriptions. The motion was granted unanimous approval.

Bids for the 1996 Canvention:

John Mansfield announced that Keycon would not be presenting a bid (there had been expectations). Cath Jackel presented a bid for Con-Version XIII. The con is to be held in Calgary July 19-21, 1996. A motion to accept this bid was passed 5-0-3.

New Business:

(1) A discussion of CUFF (Canadian Unity Fan Fund) and Canvention was made. John Mansfield expressed his disappointment that all the efforts to bring a CUFF winner to Canvention 94 had failed. Cath Jackel announced that the 1996 CUFF winner would receive a free membership to Con-Version XIII. Discussion came to a close after it was pointed out that there would be a panel dealing with CUFF the following day and that CUFF and Canvention had no direct ties.

(2) The Merril Collection in Toronto is the official repository of CSFFA documentation. It was suggested that the New Brunswick library be made another official site (duplicate copies). Discussion led to the motion that: "The CSFFA enter into a dialog with the Wardchipman SF Collection concerning being an official site of documents of the CSFFA." The motion was passed with unanimous approval. Brian Davis was selected to look into the matter.

(3) A discussion of outside funding for the awards was made. SmithBooks Canada and Stardust Computer Services Inc. were both contributors in 1995. John Mansfield pointed out that SmithBooks is now part of Chapters, Inc. He also suggested that funding from sources not directly connected to field should be considered. The Royal Bank was raised as an example. Joe Casey raised the issue of what demands the sponsors place on their support. Robert Runté suggested getting a different sponsors for each year to reduce the influence of any particular sponsor. After more discussion the motion that: "All sponsorship agreements made by any Canvention to support the awards should be non exclusive." was presented. The motion was passed with unanimous approval.

(4) Paul Valcour raised the issue of creating a new award for Best Multi-media SF (splitting it out of the Other category). The issue of whether such an award should have French & English categories was raised. The need for such an award was debated. The logistics in adding another award were examined. After considerable discussion the recording secretary called for a vote on whether the topic merited further consideration. By a vote of 7-0-1 it was decided to stop discussion of this topic.

The meeting was then adjourned.


1996 Canvention Business Meeting

Meeting was held at the Coast Hotel, Calgary on Sunday, July 21st. Start time was 16h30.

Present: Gary Frei, Dale Speirs (secretary), John Mansfield, Darryl Murphy, Cliff Samuels, Arthur Taylor, Mary Taylor, Jean Louis Trudel, Rene Walling.


(1) Old minutes - Correction is that Mansfield did not withdraw a bid for the 1996 Canvention; it was never made originally. Motion to amend minutes passed.

(2) Old business - motion to accept passed

(3) Bid for 1997 Canvention from PRIMEDIA. Mansfield noted that if 1997 bid fails, it is Frei's job to find replacement. Motion to accept PRIMEDIA bid passed, one opposed.

(4) 1996 Aurora Awards physically poor workmanship (gobs of glue, etc.). Frei suggested new supplier to be considered next year. Query from the audience asking if there are design specs available. Motion by Arthur Taylor, seconded Walling, to have physical design specs (blueprint) attached to Canvention by-laws and to allow for alternate sources. Motion passed. For the attention of the 1997 Aurora Awards committee.

(5) Murphy discussed 2-year eligibility for Long-Form and nomination procedures. Motion by Murphy, seconded by Arthur Taylor, that eligibility for Best Long-Form (English or French) be restricted to one appearance on final ballot for each work. Passed with one dissenting.

(6) Murphy suggested the possibility of changing definition for Best Other Work.

(7) Note received from Linda Ross-Mansfield as below. Committee ran out of time and was unable to discuss it. Held over for 1997.

(8) Meeting adjourned 17h30 to make way for Canvention closing ceremonies.


1997 Canvention Business Meeting

Held Sunday, November 2, 1997 in Markham, Ontario at Canvention 17 (PRIMEDIA). Meeting started at 2:05pm.

Present: Carolyn Clink, Brian A. Davis, Marcel Gagné, Mici Gold, John Mansfield, Ann Methe, Jean-Pierre Normand, Dennis Mullin (chair), Adira Rotstein, Robert J. Sawyer, Ruth Stuart (recording secretary), Jean-Louis Trudel, Sally Tomasevic, plus one other person who only stayed for a few minutes and left no name.


1998 Canvention Business Meeting

Draft Version: Feb 14/99

Held Sunday, October 4, 1998 in Montreal, Quebec at Canvention 18 (Con*Cept). Meeting started at 2:05pm.

In Attendance: Dennis Mullin (chair), Ruth Stuart (recording secretary), Joe Casey, Brian A. Davis, Mici Gold, Janet L. Hetherington, John Mansfield, Ann Methe, Lloyd Penney, Yvonne Penney, Ronn Sutton, Jean-Louis Trudel, Paul Valcour, Monica Winkler.

Meeting called to order at 10:11 am.

1. Old Minutes
The minutes were taken by Ruth Stuart and misplaced by
Dennis Mullin; therefore, no minutes were available to be
ratified. Instead the chair offered an apology to the
secretary, and a summary of last year's discussions to the

2. Selection of 1999 Canvention Host
No bids were received before the business meeting. The floor
was opened for bids from western Canada. None were made. The
floor was then opened for bids from anywhere in Canada.
Brian A. Davis presented a bid from inCONsequential II
(Fredericton, NB). The convention will be held in October 1999.
They promise to have a program track for Canadian panels and
will try for more media coverage. InCONsequential I was
successful and they have tentatively booked guests for
next year.

The bid was accepted by a margin of 10 to 0 with 1 abstention.

3. Old business
(a) Ratification of the motion to move Poetry to Short-Form
Categories from Other
After a brief discussion, the motion was ratified by a
margin of 7 to 3 with 1 abstention. This change will take
effect in 1999.

(b) Sub-Committee Reports
Re: Trophy
There was improvement in the trophy work from Franklin
Johnson. This year we arranged for the trophies to be
shipped unassembled. This made for a more compact package
and the pieces were not damaged. However, Ann Methe
expressed disappointment because a deposit cheque was sent
in June and the trophies only arrived the Monday before the

Edward Charpentier was not approached to make the trophies
this year. Article 2, Section 14 of the Constitution states
"The official Aurora award is the one designed by Franklin
E. Johnson. When viewed from the side the shape is a
reminder of the Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis). In
the centre a maple leaf can be seen from many angles. From
overhead the letters SF can be seen. The recommended
materials for construction of the award is metal on a wood
base." Primedia approached Ed to try Franklin Johnson's
design in plexiglass but the cost would have been
prohibitive. It was mentioned that Charpentier's trophy
pieces were made from scrap plexiglass from the Ontario
College of the Arts and that Johnson would be a more stable
source of material.

An amendment was discussed to allow a different design or to
allow each convention to change the base or plaque.

(c) That number of awards be reduced
Ann Methe noted that this year's awards were paying for
themselves. Last year, there was a $250 deficit but there
were more voters this year. One of the reasons the current
voting fee is $5 because this is the smallest bill (this is
to dsicourage voters from sending coins when they vote). It
was asked if there was a way to increase awareness of the
awards. It was thought to be a good idea to ask conventions
to run a "Canadian" panel on the Auroras, CUFF, etc.

Re: Fewer Awards
Since this year the awards broke even, John Mansfield said
that point was moot. And asked that the Linda Ross-Mansfield
motion not be tabled for discussion next year.

After discussion on the Boreal awards and the possibilities
of connecting the Auroras and the Boreal, it was Moved by
John Mansfield and seconded by Paul Valcour that Dennis
Mullin be asked to approach the Boreal Committee to open
discussions as to the future of the Boreal and the French
Auroras. Possibilities include and are not limited to: 1)
Boreal disappears, 2) French Auroras disappear, 3)
Announcements of awards be made at both ceremonies,
especially if they are not held at the same convention and
4) maybe only some of the French Auroras survive. The motion
was passed by a margin of 9 to 0.

The Boreal Convention will be held October 1-3, 1999. The committee
could be approached at that time and a report made to Canvention.

4. New Business
(a) Should CUFF winner be tied to Canvention or go to Worldcon?
Lloyd and Yvonne Penney, this year's CUFF winners approached
the meeting with the question: Should CUFF winner be tied to
Canvention or go to Worldcon? Traditionally, CUFF winners
are invited to Canvention. The idea is to get Eastern fans
to the West and vice versa. Lloyd expressed the need for
information on Western fan e-mails, etc. to approach someone
for next year. It was asked if Canvention 1999 would accept
the CUFF winner as a guest. The answer was yes and they
would make sure the person would be included in programming.
The CUFF winner should be an ambassador but also expected to
do certain things. In the past (an example given was Calgary
in 1996), there was no programming or inclusion of CUFF
topics or winner. Possible ideas for CUFF winner: Presenter
at Aurora Awards Ceremony; Judge in Masquerade; Programming.

Dennis Mullin was willing to put CUFF information on the
Aurora web site to increase awareness.

Moved by Paul Valcour and seconded by Brian A. Davis to
encourage future Canventions to extend hospitality to CUFF
winners and encourage them to participate in programming and
encourage continued co-operation between the two activities.

Motion carried by a vote of 8 to 0 with 1 abstention.

Moved by Joe Casey and seconded by Lloyd Penney that the
meeting be adjourned.
Motion carried by a margin of 8 to 0 with 1 abstention.

Meeting adjourned at 11:48 am.


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