Prix AURORA Awards

Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association
Association canadienne de la science-fiction et du fantastique

The first award was a sculpture in black iron.
The wrought iron sculpture was designed by Owen E. Oulton, based on the July 1939 cover for Astounding Science Fiction (cover illustrated Van Vogt's The Black Destroyer). It was rendered in metal by Michael Spencer (an award winning sculptor and blacksmith).

The award was a parchment.

This was an abstract sculpture of a spaceship in warpdrive, designed & produced by Franklyn Johnson.


Canvention not held. No award presented.


Three stained-glass pieces (about 8"x14") by Katherine Howes, with insert calligraphy by Sylvia Skene.



The trophies were plaques with artwork by Larry Stewart.

Jena Snyder was kind enough to describe the trophy the Copper Pig Writers' Society got for Best Work in English (Other) for On Spec.

"The trophy is a beautiful and monstrously-heavy (at least 3 pounds) geode, mostly orange-red with some translucent grey-blue, standing about 7". We refer to it (obviously) as "The Rock." A stylized maple leaf (about 1") is one one polished face of the geode, and a rectangular plaque (2" wide x 1" high) is on the other."

Photo - On Spec's 1990 trophy (41k jpeg) [Photo: Jena Synder]

1991 to 1995
This trophy was designed by Franklyn Johnson of Alberta. It is made of three upright aluminum pieces on a wood base. It was accepted as the recommended trophy design at the 1992 business meeting.
Photo - James Alan Gardner's 1991 trophy (56k gif) [Photo: Dennis Mullin]
The only exception in using this trophy was in 1992. [Eleven awards were given out that year due to a tie and only 10 trophies were available, so after some consideration the winner of the English (Other) category was selected as the candidate most likely to make best use of a wall plaque trophy.]

Same as 1991-95 except that the centre upright piece was reversed.

Three clear, upright acrylic pieces on a black acryllic base. Designed and produced by Edward A. Charpentier.
Top View - sketch of the base (5k gif) [Design art: Edward A. Charpentier]
Front View - front sketch (8k gif) [Design art: Edward A. Charpentier]
Photo - Robert J. Sawyer's 1997 trophy (27k jpg) [Photo: Carolyn Clink]

Frank Johnson's design (see 1991-95).

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