-The Surface of Mars-
I contacted Jason about the possibility of a 'space' commission in early 2000. Well lotsa stuff has happened in the past year and a bit to both Jason and I but neither of us forgot about this 'space' piece. It seems like every time I get a new 'space' piece it becomes my favourite and this one is no exception. I love it so much. It has all the elements of the classic sci-fi illustrations from days gone by but with Jason's wonderful art style. Now not only do I want to read more stories about Poe but I want to read about these characters too!

-Poe - The Library pg. 1-
-Poe - The Library pg. 2-
-Poe - The Library pg. 3-
-Poe - The Library pg. 4-
-Poe - The Library pg. 5-
-Poe - The Library pg. 6-
-Poe #? pg.?-
-Poe trading card art-
-Demon pee pee-
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Artwork © Jason Asala. Used with permission.