-Marvel Two In One #53 pg.17-
This was the very first page of original art I ever bought. Purchased it at 'Now & Then' back in the early 80's. I was a big Byrne addict at the time and when I saw a page by him I had to have it. Luckily it was still at a price a kid could afford then so I got it. One panel (the last one) was cut out and a replacement taped in, then the word balloon was glued on top. Also of note, the second last panel has a penciled in chain in Thundra's hand but the inker (Joe Sinnott) decided against inking it. Go figure. Similar cases can be found throughout the page, as Byrne drew ears in slightly different positions and Thundra had wider hips. Guess Sinnott felt he knew better than this rookie kid (it is from 1979). This was the lead in to Thundra becoming a wrestler and fits what would become my usual goal of a story on one page.
-note from Don-
The page that started it all folks. With this one page John and I were hooked on collecting original art.

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Artwork © John byrne. Characters © Marvel. Used without permission.