-Wolff & Byrd, Kane pin-up-
No idea what issue this is from.
This piece was one I won at a Friends of Lulu auction at San Diego 98. I had yet to buy the comic itself but Don recommended it so when I saw this page going for less than I felt it was worth I had to grab it. By the way, I did buy a tbp of Wolf & Byrd at the con and enjoyed it quite a bit. Good taste Don!

-note from Don-
This was a pin-up that Batton Lash and Paul Grist did to help promote their books together. As far as I know other than the print it wasn't published anywhere. I know what you paid for this John and I'm so jealous. Lucky bastard!

-Wolff & Byrd-

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Artwork © Batton Lash & Paul Grist. Used without permission.