-Kabuki: Circle of Blood tpb page-
Motor City Con 1999 (spring) - I hit this con with the idea that I'd look at David Mack's original art but be unable to buy anything good.  I figured his prices would be way out of my range since I had a very limited budget for this con. Luckily there wasn't a crowd there so I was able to talk with David for awhile.  He said the pages were basically what my entire budget was and up.  So when I showed him this page he saw how much I loved it and let me have it for his minimum.  I was very happy and surprised as this is one of the few without an abundance of stats (just the Buddha on top is a stat).  So now I have a beautiful page from the top artist (not comic book artist, just artist) that does comic books today.  The only problem is I now have a burning desire for one of his paintings.

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Artwork © David Mack. Used without permission.