-Strangers in Paradise Vol. 3 #22 cover-
I worked at the Abstract Studio booth during the 1999 San Diego Comic Convention. Terry gave me this piece as a thank you for assisting him. While attempting to sell his original art at the booth, I kept placing this piece out so people could view it. I wanted it so much that I wished someone else would purchase it and free me from having to worry about it all weekend. As we said our good byes at the end of the con, he reached into his portfolio and handed me this cover. As soon as possible, this piece will be framed and placed next to my other framed SiP artwork! (I may now have something to rival Don's Xena cover by Terry!)

-note from Don-

No worries about having something to rival my Xena cover. This all but blows it out of the water when you combine it with that gorgeous double page spread you've got hanging on your wall. Not to mention that gifts are always appreciated more. You're one fortunate guy.

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