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Affectionatly called "the Bourbon Street piece", this is the very first page of art that I ever bought. I would have had it on my website sooner but as it's framed it was more than a pain to scan. Couple that with its size (being a double page spread measuring 16"x23") and it was a large project. I finally sat down and scanned it and whoever said that scanning a framed work of art doesn't produce some good results was wrong. I think the scan turned out pretty good.

I remember when I first received this work of art. I was so thrilled. I sat and look at it for hours marvelling at the detail and scratching my head at all the work that must have gone into drawing all those characters. I especially liked the artwork that you don't see on the printed page. The bits that get cropped in the printing process. Well since I first bought this page I've learned a lot about what goes into the creation of a page of comic art. It's not as big a mystery but regardless this is still one of my favourite pages. 

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Artwork © Martin Wagner. Used without permission.