A wonderful little piece.  This one I gained because of Don.  He was getting either a sketch or original art from Zander at San Diego 1998 while I was just standing around (I just started buying Replacement God around this time).  Zander had a character sketch book there and I decided to look through.  When I saw this piece I asked if it was for sale.  He said he didn't need it anymore so he gave a price and I jumped on it.  Amazing what you can find somedays.
-note from Don-
This is an absolutely wonderful piece of artwork. I'm so envious of John for having gotten it as I'd love to own it myself. The pencil work is so delicate and perfect. The scan doesn't show the true talent that Zander posesses. A piece of artwork like this is the reason I started this section of my web site. Enjoy! I know I do.

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Artwork © Zander Cannon. Used without permission.