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  1. Package #2    -    7-Tube Vertical Gardens     -    $1049 + tax
    * tubes for Tubular Vertical Gardens (standard spacing 12" apart),  
    white, 5'6" tall x 3" diameter
    * a 2'x4'x12" reservoir
    * a 35 Watt (small) pump
    * tubing and fittings 
    * supported by wall-mounted brackets with 2"x2" pine beams 
    1 year's supply of  nutrients 
    * 16 plants per tube (standard 2" size), totaling 112 plants.

  3. Choose your plants:  air-cleaning tropicals       edible herbs        aromatic herbs        medicinal herbs      
                shade-tolerant plants       
                Do you want each tube to contain all the same category of plants?        
                or do you want each tube to contain a variety of categories of plants?       

  4. Custom Options: (may increase or decrease package price)
        Colour:       specify custom colour (see colour chart)                                                  
                specify other                               
        Reservoir:    2' x 4' x 12"         
    38" diam. water garden planter         36" kettle planter       
    pecify other                                                                                        
        Plants:         specify other (quantity and type)                                                              
    aquatic plants for reservoir?           

  5. Delivery:  customer pick-up: 234 Keele St. (near High Park), Toronto             or
    customer pick-up: 59 Essex Street, Guelph                (see maps)
                     or delivery (charges apply) to:
                            Street address                                                                                
                            Town                                              Phone #                                   
                            Best date and time                                                                          
                *Request assistance with installation (charges apply)                

  6. Customer Information (where different than above):  Please print clearly.
                            Name                                                      Today's Date                  
                            Street address                                                                                
                            Town                                              Phone #                                   
                            Fax #                                              Cell #                                      

  7. Terms: cash, certified cheque, personal cheque with proper ID, or money order payable 
                to 'Brad Peterson". Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

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