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401 Richmond's Rooftop Garden
401_Richmond_rooftop_garden.jpg (160826 bytes)
  401_Richmond_rooftop_garden1.jpg (130106 bytes)  401_richmond_rooftop_garden2.jpg (142509 bytes)  401_rooftop_VG_focus.jpg (164581 bytes)

Trellis in Planter
401_trellis_planter.jpg (87910 bytes)(notice the south-facing windows desperate for 
Vertical Gardens to reduce thermal loading)

Coconut Living Walls
401_VG_wall_before.jpg (137253 bytes) VG_IA_cocowall01-800px.jpg (204725 bytes)

401_tubes.jpg (80461 bytes)
  401_tubes_j_tower_50Q.jpg (30638 bytes)  401_wardrobe_twins.jpg (72768 bytes)

Coconut Cylinder
401_-_cylinder.jpg (126387 bytes) Guelph_-_J_VGs.jpg

Vines at 401 Richmond (on north-facing wall) - these were not grown by the Environmental Design Collaborative, but we can provide this service

Balcony Railing - a horizontal Vertical Garden 
VG-balcony-horizontal.jpg (66632 bytes)

Free-Standing Tube 
Guelph_-_3_on_deck.jpg (59781 bytes)


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