Ronel Sinstead

Abundance is infinite and unending -- and if we really believed that truth, we would experience it. Years ago, I heard someone say -- Let's stamp out poverty by becoming rich. I like that statement. In reality, there is enough spiritual abundance in the universe for everyone to become rich, because it is always omnipresent, infinite and unending. But we have to believe it long enough to rise above our doubts, then we have to accept it totally and then, act upon our belief. It is something each individual has to do for themselves. No one can believe for you.

We have to go beyond positive thinking by doing something with our positive thinking. Positive thinking will not make you rich. In fact thinking, in and of itself, will do nothing. It's what you do with your positive thinking, or with any thinking. Positive thinking should lead us into action. That is the purpose of positive thinking. Only when we act upon it, will we get results.

If you want to see your dreams come true, you have to do more than just think about it. You also need to do more than just believe in it. You have to act on your beliefs. You have to put your beliefs into action. They must be used, and age has nothing to do with practising truth. It makes no difference whatever if you're 8 or 80! You can always begin to put your beliefs into action to realize and materialize and enjoy your dreams come true at any time, in any area of your life, and at any age.

The first step one needs to take is to tithe to yourself. Now we've always believed in tithing 10% to God's work. We've done that faithfully, for the past 25 years. When we worked, as soon as we got our salary, we wrote our 10% tithe to the Church. You'll discover that you don't miss what you don't have. Tithing increases your faith and your self worth. It opens your awareness to accept more good. Tithing strengthens your faith in God, because you know you are contributing to God's work, to continue to make God's eternal truths available, to help make this a better world to live in, and you are doing something positive with your life. We have to put our beliefs into action, to act on our faith. We have to do something with our beliefs in order for them to come true. Sometimes "we all just sits and thinks and thinks", and so nothing happens. The tithe to ourselves represented the amount we'd spend going out for dinner, so we didn't miss it. I strongly urge you regardless of your age, to start tithing 10% to yourself, to put at least 10% of whatever money you receive into a savings account, and do not use it. Forget about it except to make regular deposits to that account. You'll be amazed at how fast it accumulates. It doesn't matter if it's a little or a lot, it soon adds up. Then, in a year, or two or ten, if you do face some challenge or have an emergency, you will have a back up fund to help you through if you need it, instead of borrowing money. It is best not to touch it at all, so it's there when you retire and do need it. That way you won't be dependent on someone else to help you. It is the best investment and security you can make for yourself, and I'm sure that many of you are already doing just that. It's just common sense.

Everyone wants to experience more prosperity in their lives, and so they should. It is our divine birthright to live in and express God's abundant good. As Jesus the Christ taught, "I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly." Now in order to live life more abundantly, one needs to not only learn about God's laws of life, but we need to spend the time to learn to understand God's laws of life. Then we need to apply those laws to our own lives to experience their results that we truly desire in our lives. You see, no matter how spiritual you are, you still need money to pay for a place to live, food to eat and all the things we need, to live in this world.

We all live in two worlds. The world of cause and effect, meaning we live in the inner, spiritual world of our thoughts and feelings, but we also live in the outer, physical world, and we are subject to the laws of both worlds. The laws of both worlds are the same: As you give, so you receive. It's not what you give, but "as" you give, with love. And, as you give your mind ideas, so you will receive them as your experience in life. Whatever you say and do in the outer world, is what you are giving out, and what you receive is always in direct relationship to what you are giving out, always in all ways. So you see, tithing is really tithing to yourself. As the law of increase proclaims, as you give, so you receive. That natural law of life applies to every area of one's life, whether it's money, love, your time, service or whatever. One needs to set the law of increase into action before one can get results and reap its benefits.

Your thinking acts as a rudder for your life, pointing you in the direction you want to go, but just thinking alone will not produce results. You have to act on your thinking by doing something with it. Therefore, all outer activity and results will always equal your inner activity and your inner results when one acts on their thinking by doing something in the outer world. All action takes place within us. Everything else is simply a reaction, or acting out our thinking in our daily lives.

Infinite abundance of every good thing, including money, is available to every human being on Earth for the acceptance, and that natural law of life has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with religion. It is one's acceptance, their belief, and their belief of acceptance is the key that will unlock the infinite storehouse of riches that are found in the very depth of every human soul on Earth. We are all on Earth to express God, and God's abundant nature. As Jesus taught, all that the Father has is ours. It is the Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom -- the Kingdom of infinite good. So it should be our good pleasure to accept it, receive it, and express infinite abundance in our lives. If we remain ignorant by not using the laws of life that God gave us to live by, then we'll continue to live in lack and unhappiness and feel unfulfilled. God's eternal laws of truth insure that we can express God's abundance in our lives when we believe it and use it.

The one basic law of life is circulation. For example, if you don't have enough love, it's because you are not giving enough love. If you don't have enough happiness, it's because you are not giving enough happiness. If you don't have enough money, it's because you are not giving enough money. As you give, so you receive. The natural law of life is one of circulation. You have to give in order to receive, whether it's a smile, a hug, love, peace, money or whatever.

Give whatever it is that you want to receive, and you'll discover a whole new, wonderful life just waiting for you to enjoy. Get involved with life! We have to open up our channel to receive more. Like reflects like and like attracts like. That is the law of cause and effect. It's the law of circulation. It applies to everything, including the air you breathe. We need to possess a mental equivalent of the things we desire before we can have them. If you don't give, then you can't receive more, and so your life becomes stagnant and it shrivels up and dries up and you die inside.

A good example of that principle of life is the two Seas in the Holy Land. One is the Sea of Galilee, which is fed by the pure water coming through the mountains from the River Jordan, and it flows back again into the River Jordan exemplifying the law of circulation. But the River Jordan also flows into the Dead Sea. It is called the "Dead" Sea because there is no outlet. So the water stagnates, and has an unpleasant odour, and nothing can live in it or around it. There is no circulation, no flow, no outlet, and so, no life. We can no longer delude ourselves into believing that we too can receive our good, without allowing a percentage of our good to circulate, to let it flow back from blessing others, to blessing ourselves. Truth must be applied in order for it to work for us. We give and receive, and give back again from the increase, and so everyone benefits. People always give as they believe, and therefore they always receive as they believe. The law is always working to bring to us whatever we each can believe and accept.

We need to believe that we can receive more before we can experience more, for life is done unto us as we believe. We cannot separate our experiences from our beliefs. They are one and the same thing. If we want to experience more, we have to believe more, which means to accept more. What you believe is what you accept, and whatever you accept you claim with your feelings of acceptance. Thinking and believing are only the first step towards success and accomplishment. If we really believe something, we will make a commitment to ourselves, to act upon our beliefs and put them into action by doing something with them. A belief is only a theory until it is put into action. Then your belief will become an established fact, a reality, for you. We must take action before things can change for the better. Prosperity, like poverty, is simply the result of one's beliefs. A belief is neither good nor bad. It is how you express a belief that is termed good or bad. So, a belief in prosperity is not a selfish belief. It is our divine right to be prosperous. It is our divine right to express God's abundant good on Earth. The supply is always equal to the demand, and the demand is our acceptance of it. We cannot receive until we do act, by making a demand upon spiritual substance, and we do that by simply accepting some specific good in our lives, daily affirming it until it does materialize. Like all laws of life, we can either co-operate with them and experience divine order in our lives and affairs, or we can ignore those natural laws of life and continue to experience lack and inharmony in our lives.

For instance, if you want flowers in your garden, thinking about it, or believing you'll have flowers won't grow flowers. You must act on your beliefs by planting some seeds, and the more seeds you plant, the more flowers you'll receive. As you give, so you receive. It's the law of life. That same principle law of life applies to love or joy or money and prosperity. Give what you want to receive, is the great law of increase. Your outward actions always reinforce and strengthen your inward beliefs and vice-versa.

We always demonstrate our consciousness, as we each believe, and those mental laws never stop working. It always produces our beliefs as our experience, whether positive or negative. The law does not actualize what we think we believe, or want to believe, but only what we actually believe and totally accept and expect. So if you want to change some condition in your life, you will need to change your thinking about it. Then keep it changed, and the outer condition will change accordingly. You have the freedom of choice, to be or not to be, to act or not to act, to have or not to have! It's all a matter of choice, by what you choose to think about, feel and accept for yourself. So learn to tithe to yourself. Tithe part of your income to yourself, so you will build inner security by building an outer security. If you do that, you won't be dependent upon others nor be a burden to them. Also, tithe part of your love and time to yourself, so you can build a stronger faith and inner confidence to act on your love by sharing it with others. Then it will increase and develop and grow for you.

Tithe to your church or charity too, so it can continue to operate in sharing the truth with you and others, to help people increase their faith, improve their lives, and improve the community in which you live. If you have no church, then give to people who help and bless you. You may tithe to this world-wide Internet Ministry, which is sharing these wonderful ideas with the whole world. If you feel you have received greater understanding of the truth teachings through this Ministry, e-mail us at truthseekers@sentex.net with your address and we'll send you our mailing address where we receive tithes and donations. We need to understand the law of life, that nothing in life is free. We all have to pay the price in the spiritual coin of our beliefs, and of our time and effort in service to some worthy cause. Service is the rent we pay for the space we take up here on Earth. Nothing will happen in your life if you will not make any effort. We have to do something, give something, in order to receive something in return. That's life's law of circulation. Most people are merely existing! To be successful in anything takes an added, extra push in your effort and time. As the saying goes, "He who never does any more than he is paid for, will never be paid for any more than he does". So, give more of your time and effort, and you will receive more and experience more opportunities for growth, happiness and self-fulfilment.

To conclude, let us remember the following truths:

  1. God's will for us is prosperity, because abundance is infinite and is always available, so help stamp out poverty by becoming rich.
  2. Nothing in the universe can limit us except our own limited beliefs. Life is done unto you as "you" believe. In order to receive more, we have to believe more, and give more of ourselves to some purpose.
  3. There is only one source, substance and supply in the universe, and that is God. Substance is unformed energy, and it is the essence out of which all things are formed.
  4. The invisible world of thought is the real world, because it is the source of the world of things. Thought gives shape and form to unformed energy.
  5. Supply and demand are one. Therefore, the stirring of desire within us, is God's Spirit moving within our consciousness, wanting to be expressed. So don't say no to God, say yes! Say yes, I accept my good. Thank you God!

God bless you.

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