Croquette (Dutch: Kroketten)

   by Bronwyn Shearer, Australia

Croquette (kroket) has been a traditional delicatesse for the Dutch. Where ever they immigrated to, sooner or later the tast-buds demanded to make them. If you never tasted one before I can almost garantee you like it. Try Bronwyn's recipe below and enjoy!


375 grams cooked meat (leftovers will do)
60 grams butter
50 grams flour
100 ml gravy
200 ml water
10 grams gelatine (make it soft in some water)
1 onion
1 egg yolk

Lightly fry in the butter a very fine chopped onion, add flour, 
then gravy and water. This will make the sauce.

Add the gelatine, egg yolk, pepper, nutmeg and salt.  Then 
add the chopped meat.  Spread the mixture on a pre-wetted 
plate.  Let it cool (it will get thick).
Use to spoons to form 10 equal croquette shapes.  Roll in
breadcrumbs, then through egg white (whish egg white a bit 
first) and again roll in breadcrumbs.

Take it easy and don't crack the outer layer.  Fry in hot oil.

P.S. If you don't want to use gelatine, then instead of 50grams 
of flour and butter use 75 grams of each.

For more info, contact the author Bronwyn Shearer in Australia.

Thank you Bronwyn, for passing on your parents traditional recipe!

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