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[April 2001] Sparklers writing the word Ooops were waved by the following people in the following places as a contribution to this Symposium, and as a celebration of autistic people everywhere.

Special thanks to Les Mason, Gillian Linfoot, and Nick Hodge for organising the performances while I [Dinah Murray] pointed my little camera, and general thanks to all concerned …

On each occasion, the word Ooops was
(a) a very pretty sight
(b) a symbolic event
(c) great fun for all
(d) not really legible
- rehearse first for at least twenty minutes!
- stay sober!!

Sparklers 1 – held in East London, UK

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Wendy Lawson, Kate Mason, Niamh Mason, Eoin Mason, Sean Mason, Mikhail Mason, Les Mason

Rosemarie Mason was there in spirit, and Beatrice Kurmann also took photos.

Sparklers 2 – held in Durham, UK

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Bob Budd, Steve Hinder, James Hoy, Rita Jordan, Gillian Linfoot, Lynn Moxon, Nadine Murphy, Paul Shattock (&? If you were there and aren’t named please let me know on sorry and thank you)

Tom Berney, Mike Lesser, and Paul Whiteley were there in spirit

Sparklers 3 – held in Birmingham, UK

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Ros Blackburn, Geraldine Bond, Pauline Boyes, Muriel Buxton, Pat Charles, Mick Connelly, Marie Dougan, Eamonn Dunne, Liz Elliott, Carolyn Evans, Julia Fair, John Fox, Sheila Griffin, Amanda Harlow, Nick Hodge, Janet Honey, Joan Hunt, Miranda B-Jones, Glenys Jones, Angela Leonard, Annette McCally, Paula MacGill, Margaret McGonagle, Tom Moore, D’arne O’Shiel, Laura Priestley, Anita Prunty, Sue Sanderson, Diana Seach, Stephen Simpson, Sue Stephenson, Jacqui Twitchell, Elaine Wilson

Linda Wyatt David Nicholas Andrews and Angela and Christopher Dyer were there in spirit

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