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Sunday 30th December 2001

This afternoon I went to see "Kate & Leopold". Really delightful. My kind of movie. I really like Meg Ryan anyway and Leopold does an educated British Accent to perfection. Not that one has the opportunity to listen to such an accent these days. They all appear to have been influenced by the proletariat.
By chance I saw the "1900's House" on the Life Channel, this morning. The years of my mother's childhood and her subjection to hard labour in a "big house". No wonder the upper-classes, their manners and accents have become so despised. The Public Broadcasting Service has a virtual 1900s house at http://www.pbs.org/wnet/1900house
My throat infection is turning into a cold .. so I made sure to keep my distance from other people. Stopped by Starbucks on the way home. It is in Chapters at the Stone Road Mall. Had a large hot and delicious cup of coffee and watched people. Did you know they have a Computer Café by the Starbucks? Some of the computers even have webcams. It was $5 for 20 minutes (I think), but I'm not thinking too clearly now .. this darned cold. You'll have to check for yourself.

Thursday 27th December 2001

Yesterday afternoon I developed an eye problem. So, this evening, as there are no doctors in Guelph, I had the misfortune to have to attend one of the infamous "after hours" clinics .. and lucky to be able to do that! First there was a ten minute wait in the queue (and the freezing cold and snow). Then there was another wait of approximately one hour in a stuffy waiting room. There again - at least it was adequately heated and had comfortable chairs available. In England we waited in a tin shed for up to six hours at night. It was bad enough for us, but the hours that poor doctor had to work and the conditions .. would make anyone want to emigrate. Anyway, the result of being in close contact with so many sick people in the waiting room was that I now have a throat infection and a stomach sickness. More expense for OHIP. I later read in the newspaper that the hospital had a waiting period of at least four hours.

Tuesday 25th December 2001


Here is a beautiful Christmas Card. It is quite a large .exe file (486kb) It has the signature Jacquie Lawson 2000. It certainly is a delightful card. I hope Jacquie is happily employed and suitably paid for such creativity: Click here to read Christmas Card.exe

A couple of cartoons:-

Sunday 23rd December 2001

My movie of the week was, of course, the much anticipated "Lord of the Rings". I had read the book (a doorstep tome) years ago. I doubted they could live up to Tolkien's descriptions and my vivid imagination. However, they met and exceeded my expectations. This is a real meeting of the arts and technology. Please do not take your little ones to see this movie. Much of it is real nightmare material. Despite Tolkien's denial of any hidden meanings or philosophies, I could read numerous such ideas and ideals in the rings and the characters.
I really enjoyed this movie immensely. It ran from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. The beautiful Shires countryside took me back to my home country of Dorsetshire and Hampshire in England. The Misty Mountains were of Scotland, where I took a vacation. Such nostalgia.

You will be pleased to know that, after all this time, I have again found someone to go around with (someone with whom to go around?) Actually a pilot, with the same qualifications as myself (commercial and instrument). Same enthusiasm for ballroom dancing (gold medal at least). Same allergies (household dust and rabbits). OK with cats and dog. Enjoys horseback riding and walks with dog. Watches all kinds of movies and reads a great deal. Prefers cruises to stopping in one place. Does not get seasick. Doesn't mind that I hate having haircut and wear almost no makeup. Tolerates my continual dieting without comment. Financially independent and children all grown. Knows as much (if not more) about computers than I do. Enjoys evening classes. Does not smoke and drinks very occasionally. Superb driver and does not show off (which is unusual in a pilot). As I said, I can't believe I have finally found someone to hang out with!

This evening we went to the Riverside Park in Guelph, to see the Rotary Club "Sparkles In The Park". Then we drove around the neighbourhood lights south/west of the Hanlon. These are becoming comparable to the Sarnia neighbourhood lights. Not yet, but getting there. I always enjoy this season - but more so with someone to talk to.

After the lights I went home and enjoyed the last part of "The Sound of Music". I really like to sing along with this movie ... and did not ask my friend to share that particular experience. I prefer to view the S of M on my own!

Tuesday 18th December 2001

Really ticked off to say - my bone scan this time registered weak bones . Actually the doctor said not the dreaded osteo ... YET. But I have to take Fossomax now - (which can damage the digestive system and costs $60 for 30 days). Also I have to get 1500 mg calcium and 400 IU vitamin D (at least) each day (which also is irritating and bothers the digestive system).

Mea Culpa .. I have contributed to this problem by drinking Coke (a major cause of osteo), caffein coffee and tea and some alcohol (all of which contribute to the problem). Plus, I have always had a sedentary job - like most secretaries - and insufficient weight-bearing exercise (didn't have time after working all day and other work). Apparently walking the dog doesn't help that much... You have to go to a gym and work proper weights. Swimming doesn't help at all - too relaxing.

What can you do about this? Only drink water and skim milk? I guess we all get old and stuff happens.

I went to three pharmacies and picked up various literature on the subject. Also visited the Osteoporosis Society of Canada Web-Site at http://www.osteoporosis.ca/index.shtml.

Sunday 16th December 2001

My movie of the week was "Black Knight". I had not expected this movie to be so good and so funny. I enjoyed Black Knight very much. The story is that the hero was working at a theme park. He accidentally fell into the moat of the theme castle when reaching for a gold pendant. He awoke in the 1300s and his adventure began.

Friday 14th December 2001

This afternoon the weather turned colder - about 3ºC. The wind is increasing and some snow may be settling. My age is showing .. I hate this weather!

Sunday 9th December 2001

My movie selection this week was "Ocean's Eleven". What can I say! Spectacular stunts and effects, really absorbing. What a handsome bunch of "crooks". Quite unbelievable though. I cannot think that people so attractive and intelligent would have to turn to crime to make a very good living.

Thursday 6th December 2001

We have been having delightful warm sunny weather. Here are two clippings from our local paper:-

Putting up outside Christmas lights yesterday.

Sunday 2nd December 2001

My afternoon treat - the movie "Domestic Disturbance". Very exciting. Was on the edge of my seat most of the time.

Friday 30th November 2001

Went, with a couple of friends, on the Cherry/Maxey coach to see the lights of Sarnia. I had enjoyed this tour so much last year decided to go again. Really excellent display.

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