Ruriko Listening Room
About these sound clips
click this pic to hear “Otoko” “Otoko”, 75 sec.
[127kb WAV]
[255kb RA]

The first Ruriko I ever heard, and it still gives me a charge. I love that powerful held note before this chorus.
click this pic to hear “Hayaku shiteyo” Hayaku shiteyo, 65 sec.
[119kb WAV]
[239kb RA]

I love everything about this song, but especially that little catch in her voice...
click this pic to hear “reduce” reduce, 27 sec.
[53kb WAV]
[106kb RA]

Dark, painful, far removed from the vacuous cheer of idols...
click this pic to hear “Sayonara” Sayonara, 51 sec.
[100kb WAV]
[200kb RA]

The drums give this chorus great momentum: it chugs forward relentlessly.
click this pic to hear “Travellin’ Life” Travellin’ Life, 55 sec.
[107kb WAV]
[215kb RA]

Other backing vocalists sometimes appear on her records, but all these gorgeous harmonies are just Ruriko on overdubs. Celestial!
click this pic to hear “Pride” Pride, 54 sec.
[105kb WAV]
[211kb RA]

Has a dark urgency to it...
click this pic to hear “Concrete Jungle” Concrete Jungle, 69 sec.
[134kb WAV]
[266kb RA]

Love the get-down scat at the end!
click this pic to hear “Ashita genki ni nahre” Ashita genki ni nahre, 54 sec.
[106kb WAV]
[212kb RA]

Melody and harmony are great, and she wrote it all on her lonesome...
click this pic to hear “Tsugi no yume” Tsugi no yume, 33 sec.
[65kb WAV]
[129kb RA]

Her versatile voice makes her “pretty-songs” really pretty.
click this pic to hear “Futari nara” Futari nara, 75 sec.
[146kb WAV]
[290kb RA]

Much of her later work is fairly mellowed-out, but there are still a few hot ones [like this] to be found.

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