Ruriko Kuboh Who is Ruriko Kuboh
Ruriko Kuboh was born April 21, 1969 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Her recording career began in 1990; since that time, she has continued to record regularly, racking up a respectable chart performance in the process. At first, she was considered merely a speck in the vast sea of Japan's prefabricated teenybop idols; but as she came to develop and write more of her own lyrics (and, on occasion, her own music), she gained a growing reputation as a more serious musical artist. From the beginning, her music was often more guitar-driven and rock-oriented than the majority of female pop singers in her country.
Ruriko's later work displays a superior grasp of black music, as well as greater range and depth in general, but she hasn't completely forsaken those flashy guitars. [That's a good thing, BTW...] She appeared on the 1993 and 1994 broadcasts of Japan's popular New Year's Eve TV music show Kouhaku Uta Gassen [produced by NHK, and broadcast in Canada and elsewhere on New Year's Day as The Japanese Red and White Show]. She also has numerous other appearances on Japanese TV to her credit.
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