Ruriko rocks!
Ruriko rocks!
Ruriko rocks!
The Ruriko Kuboh Mini-Shrine
Updated January 11, 1999

New CD: Ruriko’s latest album was released on December 2, 1998, and entered the charts at #80 on December 14.

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“Who?!” [And, perhaps, “Why?!”] These are the questions I expect to hear about my decision to erect this Mini-Shrine to Japanese pop singer Ruriko Kuboh. What few answers I have follow:
A bit of background on our Ms. Kuboh.
Ya don’t build a Mini-Shrine for just anybody...
A listing of Ruriko’s albums and singles.
Image Gallery
Ruriko’s many moods...
Listening Room
A gallery of WAV and RA clips.
Other Ruriko Links
Kindred spirits with kindred tastes in JPOP...
I’d like to thank these folx for contributing info to this site, thereby replacing the void of my ignorance.
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