Naoko rocks!

One of my fave pix of one of my fave guitarists!   Kawaii!!

The official Shonen Knife Home Page!

Yahoo’s Shonen Knife conglomeration

George’s Shonen Knife NeXuS L.A.!
Originally I tried to keep a list here of the ever-growing horde of Knife-related sites, but, quite honestly, George does a super job of maintaining such a list, far better than I ever did. Basically, once you find George’s NeXuS, you’ve found everything else. (Have you guessed that his fan page is my favorite one? )

There’s a Shonen Knife newsgroup! [Which I can appreciate cuz I had to wait years to see it!] My new server does carry it, so at last I have access! And of course it is cool! How could it not be?

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