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China Best Products Wing in Ground Effect Craft

Names of WIGs:


WIGs will fill a niche between expensive aircraft and slow ships.

How wing-in-ground effect vehicles are different from hovercraft and aircraft.

WIG vehicles and hovercraft are both members of the family of ground effect vehicles (GEV). A WIG vehicle rides on a dynamic air cushion, created by its own forward movement, and generates lift by forward speed. A hovercraft has fans that continuously blow up a static air cushion. Once a WIG vehicle goes beyond the maximum ground effect height, it is considered an aircraft.


WIG vehicles can operate over, and take off from, water (large lakes, river deltas, sheltered coastal areas, archipelagos, sheltered seas) and flat surfaces of the earth such as shallows and wetlands, ice and snow. Therefore, no matter where you go in a WIG vehicle, the landing area is always directly below you. Additionally, it is estimated that WIG speeds will be 2-7 times higher than ships and operating costs 1/3-1/5 that of conventional airlines i.e. no need for a pressurized cabin, more fuel efficient etc.

Advantages for military applications include low radar and low infrared signatures, difficult to detect on satellites, fast troop deployment and the ability to operate from land or sea. WIGs do not require complex infrastructures; just a smooth beach or jetty. WIGs will be able to carry passengers or cargo to places where neither ships or planes have gone before.


Model: Nanjing Angel AD-606

length 11.8m

wing span 12m

height 3.3m

max. take off weight 2200kg

crew : 1 pilot + 5 passenger with 40kg luggage each person

take off distance 300 - 500m

take off speed 90km/h

fly speed 150km/h

max. fly speed 165km/h

cruise speed 125km/h

cruise height 0.5 to 3 m

WIG height : 0.5 - 2.5m

range : 600km, or 1500km with extra oil tank

wind condition 3 to 4 grade

take off sea condition 3

cruise sea condition 4

max. fly height 300m

Lead time 6 months

engine : 300hp @ 2700 rpm

engine model number : IO-540-ACIA5

engine manufacturer : Lycoming, USA

one year warrant

FOB Shanghai China from US$750,000


When you order craft from us, please advise us your purpose, how many passengers it has to hold, speed, how you will use it, the power you need, what kind of ship certificate you need to import to your country, do you need to design your own, and other requirements you might have. Be aware it is your own responsibility to import the goods into your country.

88023000.--Airplanes and other powered aircraft, nesoi, with an unladen weight over 2,000 kg but not over 15,000 kg--01/01/1999
duty free for US

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