Some of my Hi-Tech hacks and creations

Various hardware / software hacks

Mechanical Commodore 64 hacks

    A long time ago, After having gotten bored of just hacking software on the Commodore 64 computer, I started connecting stuff to it. The Commodore 64, with its 8 bit user port, two joystick ports (10 bits worth of digital inputs), and two paddle ports (2 channel A/D converter) was a really cool computer to interface stuff to. All of these hacks I did while I was in highschool. Nowadays I program computers for a living, and I just haven't been motivated the same way anymore.

    Primitive plotter (1987)

    Home made wooden Joystik (1986)

    Primitive 1-pin dot matrix printer (1986)

    Primitive Commodore 64 drum scanner (1985)


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