CAROL A. McMULLEN is a Learning Disabilities Specialist and a Family or Personal Coach specializing in Attention Deficit Disorders, Asperger’s, Learning Disabilities (LD), Non-verbal Learning Disabilities (NLD), and Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI).

Carol has worked with people of all ages: eighty percent of students who have engaged in her program achieve one or more course grades of 90% or higher. Many of her adult clients have become promoted at work. With her business management consultation, those who own a business significantly increased efficiency and productivity.
Carol also leads dynamic seminars and workshops filled with new research and techniques for understanding and supporting people with learning difficulties. Her workshops are exciting, interactive and inspirational.

Carol's new handbook provides the core for this work:

SAVING YOUR CHILD, SAVING YOURSELF: Navigating Roadblocks in Managing ADHD, Asperger’s and Learning Disabilities


  • design and restructuring of school programs
  • solutions for homework problems
  • negotiate changes with school personnel and/or establishing partial or full home-school programs (refer to the handbook contents for more detailed academic strategies and  accommodations)
  • motivation, organization, social and communication skills, behaviour, and anger problems

A dramatic school program for bullying issues is outlined.
School system problems requiring a remedial legal process are covered as last-resort options.



  • intensive academic support is provided for each course
  • instruction on negotiating with faculty,  Special Needs Office and other administration
  • time management and organization, self-care, social and communication skills
  • independent living skills, money management and work preparation
Assistive technologies for all levels are presented



Parent and individual support is provided to construct a “Plan B” and to assist the young person to get back on track or access more treatment support.



Carol provides assistance in personal relationship, family, and workplace problems. For those unable to find or maintain employment, she develops a step-by-step transition plan.

She also offers organization and management consultation with individuals who own a business or struggle in professional or corporate management positions.

Professional development for business groups or organizations can focus on:

  • Time management and organization in the workplace
  • Communication skills in the workplace
  • Handling stress and "workplace politics"


While the coaching model is most helpful for many people, others prefer to work just with the handbook. Both options are easy to set up: PURCHASE HANDBOOK OR CONSULTATION