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Thursday 30th August 2001

Spent a lovely day at the CNE and Ontario Place. Drove down with Cherry/Maxey Bus. They started from Guelph at 8:45 and were there by 10:45. We returned at 18:00 and took about 1 hours for the return journey.

The International Center was by far the most interesting. I also visited the Crafts Exhibit, walked through the fairground and over to Ontario Place. These grounds are really much too large to walk around all day, especially in the 90 to 100 degree heat which we experience at the end of August. Old biddies like myself are actually in physical pain with swollen ankles and bad backs by the end of the day. Little children are crying and miserable. There are totally insufficient drinking fountains and there should be some other kind of transport available. I always enjoy a visit to the EX, but would stay longer, enjoy it a whole lot more and buy more things if the whole experience could be less painful. If one is expected to buy things, then they should have lockers where it could be kept until one returns home. People could also use cool lockers to keep some lunch if they have a special diet. Lockers would be useful for alternative shoes, clothing or cleanup gear. Also, I think they should sell more "healthy" food. I am not accustomed to having white bread. I cannot stand ketchup. Why do they serve this stuff when at this time of year we have loads of fresh produce available? Beats me! Anyway, in the Automotive Building (which was the farm display area) I found a stall selling chicken and salad for $6. That's another thing. Everyone complains about the appalling cost of food at the EX. Why the heck don't they do something about it. I think $1.75 for a small coffee is outrageous. Then they complain that numbers of visitors are down year after year. I wanted to visit the IMAX - but the transport shuttle bus was only passing every fifteen minutes. I went to the Information Booth to get a programme for the IMAX, but they did not have any programmes left. So, I set off to walk across the grounds and over the bridge to the IMAX. By the time I reached the theatre I had run out of time anyway.

I took some photographs as follows:

Blue trailer costume from Carribbana Parade

Two walking costumes from Carribana Parade

Pink trailer costume from Carribana Parade

Dogs at the Eukaneuba Super Dogs Display

Dogs at the Eukaneuba Super Dogs Display

View of Toronto Skyline from Ontario Place

Sailboat in Toronto Harbour. Taken from Ontario Place

Motorboat in Toronto Harbour. Taken from Ontario Place

Marina at Ontario Place

Fountains and boating pool at Ontario Place

The Hippo amphibious 'bus at the Ex.

Helicopter Rides at the Ex.
Sunday 26th August 2001

This afternoon for my movie I chose American Pie2. There were a few unexpectedly good laughs and many silly chuckles. Generally though I'd say this is a movie for teenagers.

Tuesday 21st August 2001

Today, starting at 6:30 a.m. I went on a trip with Cherrey/Maxey Bus. This was really very enjoyable and as described in the brochure:

"Simply spectacular!!! That's the view from aboard the Royal Mail Ship Segwun. The enduring beauty of the Muskoka lakes and their splendid shorelines have been luring visitors to Muskoka from all over the world for decades. A delicious lunch is included in the Royal Muskoka Salon, aboard the Segwun. Its' warm gumwood panelling and panoramic view adds to the elegance of the cruise. We will board the motorcoach following the cruise for a driving tour of Muskoka; to include the towns of Bala, Bracebridge and Port Severn. A dinner stop (on own) will be made on our way home."

I enjoyed this very much and the company too. The weather was perfect, sparkling, breezy. The Royal Mail Ship Segwun has a page at www.segwun.com and their telephone number is (705)687-6667 or fax (705)687-7820. Address: R.M.S. Segwun, Muskoka Lakes Navigation and Hotel Company Limited, 820 Bay Street, Sagamo Park, Gravenhurst, Ontario. P1P 1G7. We arrived back by about 9 p.m. I would certainly recommend the whole trip, whether you plan it yourself (get some good maps!) or go with a bus trip. Port Severn is a delightful little place. I have some photographs, but am a bit disappointed with the quality of my digital, so used an ordinary camera and have to get them developed eventually.

Monday 20th August 2001

A little cooler and we have had some rain. I dug a small hole to check the roots of my grass. The damp has finally reached about four inches down.

Yesterday I went to see "Rat Race". I smiled a lot but at my age I don't really expect to laugh 'til my face aches (the way I did for "Mad, Mad World") The trouble is that I could have written much of the plot myself. I like John Cleese so much and have watched just about every video and T.V. show of his. I now find, sadly, that his characters are predictable. I will not tell you about it. I expect you will find it funny. The horrible accidents and final outcome were surprising even to me.

Thursday 9th August 2001

It's hot as hades here. My car thermometer is off the dial again today. Hope it isn't broken. Toronto has declared a "heat emergency" with cooling centres available throughout the city for people who don't have air conditioning. Hydro (electricity) use is breaking all records due to the massive use of air conditioning. There have been brown-outs in some areas.

Monday 6th August 2001

Today is Simcoe Day in Canada, a public holiday.
It has been tremendously unusually hot and dry. My lawns are mainly dead. Even the heat-tolerant plants are wilting. My tomatoes are small and have sunken brown patches underneath. I don't know whether this is a disease or just the dryness. My car thermometer registered 110F.

Yesterday I went to the cinema for my usual Sunday afternoon treat. The manager said I was a "Princess Diaries"! I take his advice and he was right as usual. This is a complete re-write of Pygmalion - as you can imagine. I really enjoyed it.

The previous Sunday I saw Jurassic Park III. That was excellent too.

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