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Sunday 21st August 2005

After my usual walk this morning I went to look at some kittens. They are perfect little things. Unfortunately they have long fur. This time I wanted to be sure to get a short-coated cat.

My movie this week was "Fantastic Four". Plenty of special effects. I particularly liked the beginning - wonderful shots of the earth from space. Also, a lovely sequence of helicopter skiing. I wonder if they really did that. It looks too risky to me.

Saturday 20th August 2005

We had severe thunder storms with tornadoes all day yesterday. Many people's homes and businesses in the Fergus/Elora area north were wiped out. I hope my friends are alright .. the tornado took away all their farm buildings and most of their trees only 18 months after they arrived in Canada.

That is a very large flat area north of Fergus and Elora .. There are several soaring clubs over there and many farms have their own landing strips. It's a bad place to build a home.

My dear cat was hit and killed in the early hours of Thursday morning. It was such a shock to find her dead. I will probably stop crying after a few days .. but will always miss her.

I went to look at the cats again yesterday, at the Humane Society. The siamese/cross still had the collar on (it's like a cone, to stop her biting at her operation where she was spayed. I still find that disgusting). However, cats can (and do) produce up to 14 kittens per year and that can quickly become thousands! .. much like some humans actually!

I really dislike keeping the cat indoors. My friend (an old lady I talk to) has a cat halter she said I could have it. Perhaps I will be able to put it outside when I can keep an eye on it. My cat knew about cars and would be careful crossing the road. It wouldn't surprise me if some yobbos actually swerved to hit her.

I like to have silly conversations with my cat. She didn't talk much. One morning only she said "mrrrrning" .. when she greeted me. I thought that was nice. The ginger tom talks a bit. I was able to get the siamese cross, out of her cage yesterday. She is very affectionate.... but so is the other one. Actually one of the shelter staff have put a "hold" on the siamese, so I am second in line.

I bought a book when I was visiting in England - "Perfect Cats". It is excellent and gives beautiful pictures of all the different types of cat, with descriptions of their voices, personalities, coats etc. Rag-Doll cats have a peculiar trait of going all limp and loving when you pick them up. They are very "laid back" and are bred for the house and companion cats.

My relative has had to move into a senior residence. A cat came in the window and was on her bed the other night. As my relative said, I expect the cat had been cared for by the previous tenant. If I were her I would welcome a nice tame cat to keep me company. Actually I found a lovely ginger one this morning. It was coming to see me when it saw my dog and thought better of it. I may go back there with some cat treats. The new cat will cost me for neutering, etc no matter how I go about it. The Humane Society charge $215 for a cat. Another relative says that male cats will not spray, if they are neutered ..I hope he's right about the spraying. It really does stink and that's one thing up with which I cannot put! I wondered about the Siamese because the one my friend had seemed quite wild - literally flying about the room across the backs of chairs. Another (when a friend and I visited a woman about her sweeper) shot up his back and was going to slash him. I think they're very protective of their owners.

Must go now .. My computer is complaining about being on-line and idle!

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