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August 1999

Well, I couldn't think of anything to say for the entire month of August. It has been very hot and sunny, with a few violent storms at the end of the month.

My garden has been beautiful, as usual. Here are a couple of pictures. I altered the picture of the sunflower to make it look impressionistic:

Me and my amazing sunflower
Amazing sunflower about 2 ft. across
Me and my 200-lbs-per-year-pear-tree.
I have seen movies at the local cinemas. .. but I can't remember which was when. I enjoyed all of them, some more than others. Thomas Crown Affair was really very enjoyable. Of course, I liked the part where he takes the insurance investigator for a flight in his high performance glider. It made me want to go for a flight with York Soaring again. This time of year I miss that occupation very much.

I particularly like a happy ending. What was the one with Hugh Grant? Well there was one where he lived in London - I think that was Primrose Hill? I liked that too, but the other one where he was an art auctioneer was extremely funny. One woman in front of me nearly fell out of her seat laughing.

I'm very biased in favour of the British sense of humour, so I usually watch the rest of the audience to see what they're doing. I was sorry to see that neither I nor the rest of the audience thought the one about the movie makers was very funny at all. There were a few giggles now and then .. but far too much toilet humour has been used for too long I suppose.

Last week I saw The Chill Factor and to my surprise that was a thrilling chilling. The ending was a bit disappointing though. I expected them to get some recognition for their efforts.

The week before was The Thirteenth Warrior. Also a bit gory, but very thrilling. Of course, the skill, amazing stunts art and photography in all the movies nowadays has us spoiled rotten.

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