Saturday 29th August :

Still very warm. Have been looking for the address for Canadian Elderhostel Organization. Eventually went to the local library and found it in their current catalogue. If you're interested it is:- Elderhostel Canada, 4 Cataraqui Street, Kingston, Ontario K7K 1Z7. Tel: (613)530-2222. Email: ecmail@elderhostel.org

I found this in a local paper:

"From bondage to spiritual faith.

From spiritual faith to great courage.

From great courage to liberty.

From liberty to abundance.

From abundance to selfishness.

From selfishness to complacency.

From complacency to apathy.

From apathy to dependency.

From dependency back again into bondage".

Friday 21st August :

Still very warm - in the 90s most days. There is still a drought too.

The Canadian National Exhibition starts today. This is at the Exhibition Grounds on the Lakeshore of Toronto. This is always a bit sad to me .. it signals almost the end of summer. The Ex has rides for the children. There are also international exhibits, crafts, horticulture etc. I always enjoyed the EX - with the only complaint - that it is always too darned hot there! It has become almost a tradition to go there each year - and if one has visitors to show around, so much the better. There is a link to the Internet site for the EX at the end of this page: Talking of hot; I have an antique brocade WEDDING GOWN to sell. It is full-length, with a 5' train, long sleeves. Size 10 - 14. It has a sub-bodice, so it could easily have the sleeves and top made into a jacket and the gown could be - just the bodice and skirt. There is also a bouffant veil with white satin rose headdress. If interested Email me at: oficserv@sentex.net

Another exhibition I would really like to visit: Treasures of the Czars. I heard on TV that this exhibit was in the USA at Wilmington (or so I thought). However, on searching the Internet I cannot find an up-to-date site for it. If anyone has heard of this I'd be grateful to know where it is now. Please Email me at: oficserv@sentex.net

Saturday 8th August :

My goodness it certainly is hot here. Today I'd say it is about 100. Also very humid. We have had a drought for about 6 - 8 weeks. It rained for one and a half days Thursday and Friday, but not enough to end water restrictions.

Last weekend I went for quite a long cycle ride with my friends. I had gone over to the airport to have a cycle round by myself, but they were going out in their new van, so decided to put the three cycles into the van and drive to a trail they know. It is really beautiful, going alongside the Speed River for about four miles, from the Victoria Road to the Speedvale Park, through old forest and copse, then through the Park. It also extends through the woods in the other direction, out into the country, but we didn't go that way.

I haven't been anywhere lately. There are a number of places I thought about visiting: The Treasures of the Czars, in Kansas USA, The site for it is at the end of this page, but it is years old - I wonder why they left it on the Internet.

The Courtauld Exhibition of Impressionist Art, at the Art Gallery of Ontario: There is an interesting site for this at the end of this page. Things like that. Really I should pack up and go see Ye Olde England. It's ridiculous that I was born there and spent two years at college in London - and didn't see the sights there. But it has just been so darned hot here and I enjoy every day just pottering around, going swimming, walking the dogs, cycling etc. As you may know, we don't get the overcrowding that you have in England, but in the summer holidays the roads do get quite busy.

We are all told to keep out of the sun and to wear sunblock. I usually wear 45 sunblock and walk the dogs in the morning and evening. Even so, I have quite a suntan.

A few days ago I saw they had a good sale on and decided to buy this dress. It doesn't look too bad. I prefer long skirts also. They had reduced it from $180 to $62.

I took this picture of Moose, in a typical pose, in May of '97. I really think he looks amazingly good for a 15 year old, don't you?

I feel that I couldn't afford to be back in England even if I wanted to! You asked about water prices. They don't say how much it costs per gallon. Also the water treatment charges are added on. It seems to average about $35.00 for 2 months.

Like everything else I expect it will gradually increase. I don't know why they keep on building huge "subdivisions" around Guelph. It makes no sense when we already have water rationing every summer. All the parks are heavily used. The swimming facilities (lakes) have to be closed every summer due to pollution. As I apparently consumed 37 cubic meters, I suppose that means that it's just under a dollar per cubic meter. Do you have to pay much for water in Weymouth? I suppose you must do, because it has to be treated doesn't it.

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