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Saturday 18th March, 2000

During February I didnít do anything much. The temperature was below zero for most of the month, but suddenly jumped to 70ļF during the last week. The snow melted suddenly and caused a bit of flooding. I had some water come in through my back porch and foundation. This soon dried up, but is always a nuisance. I usually stop it by keeping the snow and ice back from the house, but was not able to keep up with it this year.

I went to the British Show at the Queen Elizabeth Building in Toronto:
It was very disappointing. They had a big pub area at one end, which made the show area very smelly. All buildings in Guelph are now completely non-smoking. The older I get the less tolerance I have for smoke.
The food was just "bangers" or fish and chips.
Most of the booths were just books about Britain or video tapes.
They had set up a screen depicting Coronation Street, where people could have photographs taken with a man dressed as an English policeman.
Clive Swift from "Keeping Up Appearances" was there autographing his photograph.

I picked up brochures from Royal Airline and Canada 3000. BA wasnít there, but another visitor told me I could go to Pearson International and get on a BA business class any evening, so thatís what I really wanted to know. (I had already found out that the Concorde from Pearson is nowhere to be found on the Internet, as Carlson Wagonlit Co. have all the tickets and bookings must be made through their offices).

On the way back we stopped at the new Town & Country Restaurant for dinner .. which was worth a drive out anyway.

Last Sunday afternoon I visited relatives. We went for a long walk through the park. It certainly was warm .. probably 70ļF again. Afterwards I went to the cinema to see Snow Day. That was quite funny.

This morning I took Sue along by the river, through the park. Another walker had a Jack Russell terrier, so Sue had dog to play with. I can see why my relatives chose a Jack Russell. They are extremely quick, bright and full of energy. Very active in the field, but quiet and loving as an indoor dog too. This little creature could run and turn much faster than Sue. It really gave her a good run. It had a stick, so they took turns in chasing each other and snatching the stick.

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