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Saturday February 24th, 2001

Thank goodness the weather cleared up today and I was able to enjoy a pleasant drive to Arthur with the Tsunami (my golden retriever). She always enjoys being out at the farm with the puppies (where she was born). I am really looking forward to my flight down to Miami tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to get up at 2 a.m. as the flight goes at 6 and I have to be at Pearson by 4. Anyway, I will write the remainder of February into the beginning of March, when I get home and sort out all my papers and photographs. I will put March at http://www.sentex.net/~oficserv/Mar2001.html in due course.

Friday February 23rd, 2001

This morning I thought I would be able to drive to Arthur. What was I thinking! For one who had lived in Fergus and Elora, how could I forget the misery of living just north of the snow belt. For one who had experienced the drive to work in Guelph - in white-out conditions and not only risking car, life and limb, but being berated on arrival. There is no way one should plan to drive north of Guelph in this stinking weather.

Sunday February 11th, 2001

Heavens! It's the 11th February already. I just went for a walk with the Tsunami and the evenings are drawing out. It's nearly five in the evening and the sun is still shining. This morning I went for a long walk and noticed that the sun was really warm - although the windchill must still be about minus twenty. My face is beginning to get tanned .. I'm getting sloppy about wearing sun-screen, not good at my age, or any other for that matter.

This afternoon I went to see the movie "Head Over Heels". The ticket counter recommended "Finding Forrester", but I was looking for something silly and funny. I found it! "Head Over Heels" reminded me very much of the Schoolgirl's Own Library stories. As a child I used to enjoy those so much. (Not a highbrow reader by any means). My favourite series was "Gaye and Mr. X". Gaye was a boarder at a very strict girls school. While appearing to be a dedicated student, Gaye would get out of the school and was actually the dedicated assistant to a Mr. X. He, of course, was a Government senior special agent - a kind of James Bond character.
Anyway, if you're looking for something really silly and funny you will like "Head Over Heels".

I was soooo disappointed that Sir Anthony made another horror movie. With that elegant demeanour, beautiful velvet voice, why on earth would he stoop to an ugly horror movie? I think it's a travesty to use his excellent "talent to amuse" to gross people out. (I never did "get" the interest in horror movies). Horror always reminds me of the way small boys like to compare their food to something disgusting - in order to upset their siblings. It's too easy to make people shocked and disgusted.

Saturday February 10th, 2001

We just had a very heavy snowfall, followed by a 2 day very strong thaw, followed by an inch of freezing rain and flash freezing in the night. You can imagine what a bore this is to walk or drive on. I seem to spend most of my time hacking at ice or shovelling snow (as I said before ad nauseum, no doubt). However, in the summer, when we are basking and you in the UK are still having too much rain, then I'm glad I'm in Canada.

One thing to be grateful for - at least I have a dry basement. (I should never say that should I). My friend has a really beautiful retirement bungalow, built on a magnificent estate. Unfortunately they built the whole estate on a swampy orchard! She said that there was water simply pouring into her basement and the sump-pumps were all going. Apparently fruit orchards really like the ground quite moist! Her unfortunate neighbour had his basement completely finished and carpeted wall-to-wall .. you can imagine the mess. That was a narrow squeak for me .. that estate is so attractive, I was seriously thinking of moving there.

I started taking the Tsunami to her dog classes again. Today she was literally a pain! She was so hotted up she wouldn't do much right. Eventually she lurched at a child who was watching .. and ripped one of my fingernails .. OW! Then she thought I was offering her a piece of meat (to add insult to injury). Sunday February 4th, 2001

My movie this week was "The Wedding Planner". This was entirely predictable, but nevertheless I found it very pleasant and funny. Hope you enjoy it too. I think your new husband will find it too much of a "chick-flick".

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